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10 May 2005

It had been five years, the records showed, since I'd last had my eyes tested.  With diabetes you're supposed to be testing for retinal adenopathy (the thing that makes you blind) ever two years.   I'd had my eyes tested in a diabetes information group meeting about 2 years ago and it was time to get it done again.

I figured I was due for new glasses, since while my vision hasn't deteriorated all that much, I am aware that I'm wanting a bit more strength in the lenses when I look at the computer screen or try to read something.

The last time I went to the optometrist, I took my friend Lynn with me.  My eyes are so bad without glasses that I can't see well enough to choose new frames.  So we took a digital camera and I would try on glasses while she took my picture and then she'd show me the picture.   That's how I finally chose the frames I like...and then it turned out that they wouldn't work with my specific lenses anyway.

So this time I decided to just let the optometrist choose for me, based on what my lenses were going to be.

But first the ophthalmologist, who did all the usual things, including testing for gaucoma (I'm fine), and checking my cataracts (those are fine too and he wonders if maybe they aren't congenital, i.e., I've had them forever.  He says in any event, they are so slow growing that I shouldn't have to worry about them for years...which sounds about right, since they were first discovered about ten years ago!)

Next he dilated my pupils and sent me out to check on frames for glasses, which I couldn't do, so I just sat there waiting for the pupils to dilate so he could check the retina.

Finally, I met with the optometrist, who wasn't real happy about choosing  glasses for me, but she did.   She turned the mirror to the super close up side so I could see as well as possible.  Lemme tell you.  Don't ever look at yourself in a super close up mirror, even without glasses.  It's not a pretty sight.  When I put on my glasses and glanced in the mirror, it was downright scary.

But we did choose frames and I'm excited that I bit the bullet and went for transitional lenses, since I can never remember either (a) where I put the over-the-glasses dark lenses, or (b) to bring them with me even if I know where they are.  Also, those ones that fit over your glasses, with the ear pieces that go over the ear pieces of your regular glasses hurt the side of my head, so bite the bullet and get transitional.

So that's done and my latest prescription refill has been refilled and I think I'm OK until the next time I need a lube and oil change and a look under the hood.

It was a lovely, low-key Mother's Day yesterday.  Ned came here at 10 and hooked up my DVR to the video recorder so I can now make videotapes from stuff I record on the DVR (Ned doesn't get Penn and Teller, for example, and he'll love it).

Then we drove the 80 miles to my mother's.  We hadn't expected as much rain as we encountered, but the trip was still made without incident.

She had made reservations at a lovely hotel restaurant, where we had a nice brunch.  Most of us opted for the breakfast choices.  Walt had both.  Finished off his breakfast and then had a bit of roast beef.  I polished off my cheese-ham-sausage-mushroom omelette with a nice flan.

After brunch, we were all so stuffed we couldn't move, so we went back to my mother's and rizzled for a bit.  (And if you don't know the OED definition for the word "rizzle," then you obviously don't listen to "Says You," where we learned the word yesterday afternoon.  It means to relax after a big meal.)

Then back into the monsoon once again for the return trip, along with half the cars in California (that is, the half that weren't returning home in the opposite direction--what a mess on the freeway!)  The rain finally stopped somewhere between Cordelia and Davis, so I am assuming Ned had a fairly dry trip back home.

When we got here, there was notice that an attempt had been made to deliver flowers from Tom....

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(they were delivered this afternoon)

...and there was a nice message on my cell phone (which I had forgotten to bring with me) from Jeri.  So I feel like I've been feted for Mother's Day and it's all downhill now for the rest of the year!

One final note--please be sure to read "Funny the Blog" today.   I almost made "inarticulate smut" into a regular journal entry.

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This is what the freeway looked like most of the way home yesterday.

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