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6 May 2005

I cannot tell a lie.  I stole this idea from Bozoette.

Twenty-five years ago:

It was 1980.  We had been living here in Davis for 7 years.  The kids were all in grammar school and I was Super Mom, room mother to several classes, writing the PTA newsletter, working with Boy Scouts (I didn't know about the discriminatory policies of the Scouts then).  I don't remember when Jeri was in 4-H but I taught cake decorating to a 4-H group.  I wonder if that was the year that I helped them make sugar eggs for Jeri's birthday.  Now that we have a Pergo floor, I think we finally have covered up all the sugar that got spilled that day. 

The Lamplighters book had been publshed 4 years earlier and I had gone back to work at The Secretariat, typing reports for UCD students and town business people.

Secretariat.jpg (39224 bytes)
(the office was actually that dark space between the 2 signs,
not the cute building with the funky rooftops.)

Twenty years ago:

1985.  It was the year before my life took a big shift.  It was the year before Gilbert died.  I was still working for The Secretariat, but I was also very involved with The Lamplighters and commuted to San Francisco at least once a week.  It was one of the happiest times of my life.  I loved being part of The Lamplighters and having that weekly "bunbury" where I got to go out and play.  A year later, Gilbert was dead and I gave up working with The Lamplighters, except to work with Alison to research and write a follow-up to the first Lamplighters history.

Fifteen years ago:

By 1990, I had left The Secretariat and had learned medical transcription by working for The Typing Company.   I had been the on-call transcriptionist for every medical office in town and eventually I ended up working permanently for Women's Health, sitting in a closet in the middle of the main hall, typing medical reports.  I was beginning to make friends among the people in the office.  The kids were all grown up.  Lawsuit was in its early years and already a big favorite in Northern California.  We spent a lot of time driving around to shows in Sacramento and San Francisco.

Ten years ago:

Ten years ago, life was so, so, so very different.  It was the last full year that David was alive.  Paul was alive.  Lawsuit was going strong and they were working hard at producing the "make it or break it" album. 

MOB.jpg (27228 bytes)I was managing Sutter West Women's Health and most of my good friends also worked for that office. 

Life appeared stable and good.   Who knew that it would all change so drastically in such a short period of time?

Five years ago:

The nice thing about keeping a journal like this is that you can pinpoint exactly what you were doing x-years ago.  So I know for a fact that five years ago we were getting ready to join with all of our friends from our days at Berkeley.  We were all getting ready to attend the wedding of one of the girls.  That girl now has two sons and is still as lovely as she was that day.

Five years ago, I had just "met" Peggy on line and Steve in person and was starting to make plans for Peggy's visit to the U.S.  I had just become a theatre critic and was stumbling along trying to figure out what I was doing (that hasn't changed much!)  I was just learning how to use a digital camera. and I decided that it might be fun to keep an on-line diary.

Three years ago:

Thanks to this journal, I can also tell that three years ago today I was waxing poetic about the fact that I had finally discovered the "Opera" browser, after Netscape refused to work and I hated IE.   Now I have a DSL line and Firefox as a browser. 

Three years ago I was working for Dr. G and saving money to go to Australia.  I had started Weight Watchers, had already lost 40 lbs, and swore that I would never be fat again.  I had taken up biking and was thrilled that I finally had a sport that I loved, and looked forward to doing it for many more years.  Shows how much I know.

One year ago:

One year ago, I was thrilled that Fly Lady had changed my life (cough-cough), and I proudly displayed a picture of my spotlessly clean kitchen.

kitchen.jpg (14819 bytes)

Fly Lady changed my life as permanently as Weight Watchers did.  I've about decided that I am hopeless and that it's useless to even attempt to change.


I spent almost the entire day working on a feature story I'm doing for the newspaper and another article I was writing for the SPCA newsletter.  The newspaper article is a feature story on the production of Man of La Mancha that I'm reviewing tomorrow night.  I worried that since I had only interviewed the costumer and none of the performers, I might not be able to put together a long enough article, but it seemed to go OK.

The SPCA newsletter article is a report on the recent Walk-a-Thon and was awaiting information from other people before I can finish it.

(I'll do anything to avoid facing the reorganization of the family room!  :)


CPT-work.jpg (23733 bytes)A bit more of the same.  I sent off the newspaper article this morning, and then spent the rest of the morning writing an article for the SPCA newsletter.  The afternoon was devoted to ... what else? ... transcription.  Each of the envelopes in the photo at the left has one or two tapes.   Each tape has 30-60 minutes of dictation.  I've been doing this for so long that when I see a stack like this, I cringe.  It's funny, but I used to be able to go through something like this in a couple of days, but now I go through periods where I just can't stand the thought of putting earphones in my ears or to listen to the dictation for one. more. minute.  No wonder it sometimes takes me so long to get through a stack like this now.  Fortunately, the psychiatrist is an amazingly patient man.   We're both getting older, but only one of us is slowing down, unfortunately!


There is a diabetes clinic in the morning, which I hate going to, but can't really get out of.  This one is regarding the connection between diabetes and heart problems.  More transcription in the afternoon.  In the evening I'll be reviewing Man of La Mancha

P.S.  One year ago today the last Friends episode ended.  Amazingly, the world has managed to go on.  

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I'm so tickled about this.  I took the sailboat photo (posted to Digital Nutcracker)
and turned it into a poor man's Van Gogh


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