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1 May 2005

There were more dogs than there are stars in the sky.  Dogs everywhere.  Little dogs.  Big dogs.   Funny dogs.  Lame dogs.  Punk dogs.  Fluffy dogs.  Yappy dogs.   Sleepy dogs.  Active dogs.  Young dogs.  Old dogs.

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It was the SPCA first annual walk-a-thon, which I had agreed to photograph.  Ashley felt Sheila should come along too, so she arranged for a "dog walker" for Sheila, so that I could have my hands free to take pictures. 

One of the first pictures I took was of Sheila, reunited with her son, Hamilton, who is now heavier than Sheila--but she let him know she is still top dog.

SheilaHamilton.jpg (59935 bytes)

I had hoped maybe one of our puppies would be there, but no such luck.   However, Ashley tells me they will be up for adoption next Saturday, so we hope to see them then.

Everyone was amazed at how many people showed up to register for the walk-a-thon. Some 185-200 people registered.  The group started out to walk the 2 miles route, starting out by walking through the park

walkstart.jpg (42635 bytes)

and then over the overpass to the greenbelt, where they made a loop and then started back into the park again.

overpass.jpg (44239 bytes)

Sheila and her walker were one of the first to come back.

walkendSheila.jpg (66304 bytes)

It was really kind of nice because when Sheila saw me, she just tried to get to me, and put up a struggle when her walker tried to take her off to get some water while I continued to take photos of the returning walkers.  Guess Sheila likes me after all :) .

A selection of pictures from the Walk-a-thon are on Flickr.

We were back home by about 10:30, just enough time for Sheila to get a nap, and me to look at the photos before it was time to get back in the car and head off across town for the official opening of the new dog park at noon.

We almost didn't make it because a few blocks from the park, the car brakes failed (we were in the David's old clunker car, since Walt was in the Bay Area.  He had warned me that the brakes "go out occasionally").   It was pretty scary, but fortunately I was going slow and there wasn't much traffic, and after pumping a few times, they came back.  Still, I didn't want to try to maneuver the hill down into the park, so we parked at the top and walked down.  It gave me a good overview of the festivities which were about to begin.

dogparkoverview.jpg (45132 bytes)

The ceremonies started before we got there, but we were in time for the ceremonial cutting of the dog collar.

collarcutting.jpg (71148 bytes)

...and the ceremonial eating of the sausage...

sausage.jpg (66906 bytes)

Kids (and dogs) got to have their pictures taken with either the Davis frog (since this is the "Toad Hollow Dog Park"), or with Clifford, the Big Red Dog...or with city councilman Ted Puntillo! 

figures.jpg (75839 bytes)

Then those of us who hadn't already gone into the dog park itself took our dogs in to run around.  Sheila was so tired from the walk-a-thon that she lacked her usual speed and stamina and didn't object at all when it was finally time to go home.

We both collapsed at home, and I settled in to take a nap before heading out to Sacramento to review The Lion King.

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There were lots of dogs gathered together to celebrate the official dog park opening.

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