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31 March 2005

I went back to count the days and am absolutely amazed to discover that Demetrius and Hamlet only arrived here only one week ago.  It seems like they've been part of this household for the past month.   That means that I "bottlefed" them for only a few days before they moved on to puppy mash.  The original plan was for them to start mash on Monday, but by Monday they were such experts at eating mash I had even stopped mixing it with formula to make it more appealing to them.

People keep asking me what breed they are.  From what Ashley has said, the SPCA doesn't know.  All she's told me is that "mom" is about 30 lbs.  Peopl have said that they look "just like St. Bernard puppies."  But today I was looking at some photos and they looked just like these guys, Demetrius especially.

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A little fluffier, perhaps, but Demmie has the markings--and the personality--of a pit bull (and he looks less like a St. Bernard than like a pit bull puppy, I discovered).  It explains his tenacity and it also explains his bow legs.  It's also a lot easier to believe that Daddy was a pit bull in the homeless encampment than that Daddy was a St. Bernard!

I'm not sure how much longer they'll be here, but I think they're supposed to leave next week.  Boy, is it going to be difficult to give them up.  As much as I loved Jed, Leo and Toby, I feel much closer to these guys.  I think it's because they've been so insistent about being part of the household and not locked away, so we've all been playing with them more than we did with the others.

It makes a huge difference that Sheila has adjusted to them because it makes it easier to leave them out.  Watching her lie down in the morning and let Demetrie crawl all over her is just so neat to watch.   Hammie, who has been batted around a time or two by Ms. Sheila when she got too rambunctious, is a bit more leery.  He'll creep up on Sheila but if she turns to look at him, he runs backwards at what is top speed for him--he's getting very good at running backwards.

I think it's good that we're doing the new floor around here, making me reluctant to take on another set of puppies.   I'm feeling too close to these guys and am going to really hate to give them up--but I also know how big they're going to get, and watch how much they like to chew now, before their teeth are able to do any damage, and I know that I can't even suggest keeping one of them.  But boy, is it tempting.

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There is life outside of puppies, believe it or not.   Earlier this week it was my bi-monthly appointment at the Blood Bank.  I dutifully presented myself at the appointed time, noting with pleasure that they had fresh donuts ready for the donors after they finished bleeding.

As usual, I was escorted into the little room where they take your blood pressure, check your blood, and ask all the "icky sex questions," as one examiner told me once.

I almost always have to have my bood run through a centrifuge to check hemoglobin level because it doesn't drop quickly to the bottom of the little bottle of fluid.  But I haven't been rejected in years. 

I had also eaten higher-iron foods the day before, so I was sure that the blood would be just fine.

But when it hovered on the top of the liquid forever, I knew without the blood even being centrifuged that my hemoglobin count was down too far.  I didn't mention that to the examiner, as she cheerily went off to spin the blood.  When she returned to tell me that they wouldn't be able to collect blood that day, I wasn't surprised.

She gave me a list of iron-rich foods and an appointment to return in 2 weeks to try again.  She didn't invite me to stop off and have a snack before I left anyway, so the donuts had to be left for those people who have iron-rich blood already.

I went off to the store and stocked up on all sorts of iron rich foods, as well as a bottle of iron supplements, which I will take for the next two weeks in the hope that next time my drop of blood will sink straight to the bottom of the damn bottle and I can feel worthy of bleeding for one of those donuts.

I'm injesting so much high-iron substances that I'm leery about walking through strong magnetic fields.  You just never know!

I've also gotten hooked on another new-to-me TV series.  Anybody familiar with Resurrection Blvd.?  This is an all-Latino series, made for Showtime.  All the principal actors are Latino, all the directors and other behind the scenes people are Latino.  I had never heard of it before but discovered that a good high school friend of our kids, Mauricio Mendoza (whose brother, Carlos, was in town recently.  I did a feature story on him for the newspaper) is in the series.  Carlos mentioned that Mauricio was in his fifth season with the show, and I was curious.

I rented the two-hour season opener, figuring I'd watch that, see what Mauricio does, and that would be that.  Well, it turns out that Mauricio has a larger role than I realized.  It's the story of a Latino family, and Mauricio is one of the brothers so he gets the "star treatment."

I also was surprised to discover how quickly I got hooked on it.  It's sort of like The Sopranos for me...I don't like violence and yet I got hooked on Sopranos and watched all the DVDs that were available.   Well, Resurrection Blvd is about boxing, and I don't like boxing either, but there I am, ordering the rest of Season 1 so I can follow the story.

Anybody who is looking around for something different to put in their Netflix queue, I recommend you give it a shot.   And check out Mauricio.   Paul was closer to Carlos, but Mauricio was very definitely part of the high school group.

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My baby?  A pit bull??


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