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30 March 2005

I am rapidly moving toward letting the puppies have the run of the house, keeping a close watch for when is the logical "potty time," to rush them off to the kitchen.  Demetrius just absolutely does NOT want to be in a cage of any size.  And I'm a pushover.  He whines and howls and tries to climb the board that keeps the kitchen closed off.....

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...or tries to climb over the cage on the other end, by first climbing into the milk box that closes off one side and then trying to figure out where to go from there.

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If I let them out, and sit with Sheila for the first five minutes, reminding her she can't beat them up, she settles down and they settle down.  And oddly enough after working so hard to get out of the big kitchen, Demetrius heads for the tiny space between my chair and the end table, and stays very happily.

DemShoes.jpg (25842 bytes)He absolutely LOVES playing with my shoes, and since his teeth aren't sharp enough yet to do any damage to them (and he will be gone by the time they are), I just let him.

When they are locked in the kitchen, occasionally I hear big shrieks.  I've never been able to figure out what one was doing to the other to cause them, but today I discovered.  Where Demetrius is the explorer, Hamlet is the one who is learning how to play.  He is the one who growls and crouches and barks and then leaps on Demetrius' back.  He's the one who is the most interested in investigating Sheila's mouth.  He was the one who first learned how to grab the edge of a toy and pull it along, or the edge of a cloth and shake it in that cute way that puppies do.

This afternoon I just happened to be standing near them when I heard the shrieking again and looked down to discover that Hamlet had grabbed a hunk of the skin on Demetrius' back in his sharp little teeth and was trying to shake it like a piece of cloth.  Hammie had earlier tried biting my finger and I know how much that hurts--come to think of it, I shrieked too!

Hamlet also fights his reflection.  I found him this afternoon barking and barking and barking.  I realized he was barking at his reflection in the vacuum cleaner and then rushing the machine and trying to get it to play with him.

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This afternoon, I decided to take them outside, for the first  time.  Walt had just cut down all the tall grass and weeds (which would have swallowed them up last week), and I thought it would be fun to let them waddle around (still not exactly "running").  It's always fun to watch them discovering new things--and, of course, I took a bazillion photos.

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Such silly puppies.  So much fun.  I'm really going to miss these guys when it's time for them to move to their foster family--but I know I need to get them out of here.  I'm having entirely too much fun photographing them and playing with them, and playing referee between them and Sheila, and I'm getting nothing else done around here!

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