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They nibble at my feet.  Grumble, grumble.


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28 March 2005

I'm writing this before going off for Easter brunch at my mother's, so there's not much substance to it.  But it was such a special day.  Sheila has really bonded with the puppies.  I sat with them for a long time and watching her play with them was just so sweet.  Mostly it was Sheila and Demetrius, while Hammie was wandering around.  Unfortunately, I couldn't take pictures, because most of the time they were on my feet, but I did manage to slip the camera to Walt and ask him to take a couple...

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I just loved how Sheila let Demmie put his mouth inside her mouth and just kept it open for him to investigate.  She could have so easily bitten Demmie badly.

Then later, Walt had Demmie in his lap and Sheila just put her legs in his lap and the two of them played for about 10 minutes.

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It seems they are maturing so fast--faster than Leo, Jed and Toby.  They come when I call them--so cute to see them run at top speed when I call them and clap, those little bodies waddling with tails wagging.

Now I'm packing up the puppies and heading off to my mother's.  This is a first for me--traveling with puppies!  (It's also going to be a first for my mother, I suspect.)

BTW, thanks so much to everyone who weighed in on the color question.  Stay tuned for actual paint on walls to find out what we decided!

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No matter were they sheep, they are usually touching, even if it's by a toe.

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