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Well...finally...all this talk about food has made me hungry.

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27 March 2005

If these puppies were human children, people would be giving me a hard time for pushing them too quickly.  I feel like I'm standing in line to sign my babies up for obedience school, and they've only just learned (sorta) how to come when I call them.

Ashley was here to drop off a puppy carrier so I can take the babies with me to my mother's for Easter, since I figured they'd still need to be bottlefed/nursed on Sunday.

I asked her when she thought they'd go onto puppy mash and told her I really thought they were ready for it.  She said that they seemed advanced for their age, as did their siblings (who are elsewhere), and maybe we could go ahead and start the mash on Monday.

She also asked me how I was fixed for formula and I confidently told her that I had enough to last me until Monday.

As I was mixing up formula this morning, I realized that there was no way the can would last until Monday, so I dashed off a note to Ashley and suggested that she might want to bring some puppy mash as well.

So a can of Esbilac and a bag of puppy mash showed up on my front doorstep while I was out grocery shopping and when I got the groceries put away, I mixed up a very goopy batch of mash.

HamEating.jpg (51474 bytes)You would have thought that Hamlet was born to eat.  He's the smaller of the two--Demetrie outweighs him by a whole pound.  But Hamlet dove into that bowl and lapped it up like a pro.

Demetrie had to be encouraged to try it and he lapped a couple of times and then walked away whimpering.  I stood watching Hammie eat, figuring I'd give Demetrie some formula when his brother finished eating, but by that time Demetrie had gone to sleep, so I did the obvious thing and let sleeping puppies lie!

When they next woke up and demanded food, Hamlet again started eating like a pro (which, of course, he now was).   Demetrie did a little better, but he still didn't exactly dive into the bowl.   But I decided that he at least took enough that I wasn't going to supplement with a syringe feeding. 

By the third time I fed them, Demetrius had figured it out and both of them cleaned the bowl in nothing flat.

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One thing about these guys and solid food is that they are a heck of a lot neater than Jed, Toby and Leo were!

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With a full tummy, Demetrius crawls into the crook of Walt's arm and falls asleep.

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kitchenagain.jpg (51439 bytes)I've now moved them into the kitchen again, set up like I set it up for Jed, Leo and Toby.  Demetrius hasn't yet figured out that he has the whole kitchen to walk around in.  He remembers when he had to climb up on the door to be let out, so he's constantly trying to get out the back of the cage, where there is no door.

They no longer sleep in the cage, but now sleep on a mound of blanket I put down for them just outside the cage (the day I put it down there, it had just come out of the dryer and  they took to it like they'd just found "mother.")

So I'm back to wiping up puddles and picking up poop.  The newspapers I put down for the other 3 puppies stained the floor so badly that I'm going back to using a sheet instead, and they love sliding across the floor on the sheet, bunching it up.

Don't know if you've seen the Toys R Us commercial with the woman pushing a cart through the aisles with a little kid attached to each foot saying "thank you-thank you-thank you" as she drags them around the store.   That's kind of how I feel about the puppies.  They seem to be permanently attached to my feet.  Either chewing on my slippers or pulling on the leg of my pants or something.  Cooking dinner and cleaning up is a real challenge!

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NB:  I decided to throw the issue of painting my family room up for discussion.  Thanks to PhotoShop, I was able to get a couple of ideas.  So far I have two opinions, one completely different from the other.  Let me know what you think.  The photos are here.


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