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I hope she doesn't expect me to watch these pipsqueaks all day long every day.

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26 March 2005

The puppies are bringing out Sheila's maternal side.  It's only brief flashes of it and then she about kills them with trying to play rough, but watching her get down on her side, letting them crawl over and gently for a change, putting her paw over the top of one of them, is very sweet.

Hammie was kind of licking/chewing Sheila's lips and she just opened her mouth and let it hang there while he did.   At one point it looked like him putting his head in the lion's mouth, but she was very patient.

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Of course then she then batted Demetrius so hard that he let out a yelp and waddled over to a little crack between the cage and the wall and backed into it and wouldn't come out.  Even when I reached for him, he backed up.  But he and Sheila eventually made up and he was crawling on her too.

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But if it's bringing out the maternal instincts in Sheila, it brings out NO maternal instincts in Kimba, who just wishes the damn blobs would go away and leave her alone--and isn't afraid to tell them that in no uncertain terms.

cutekimba.jpg (38868 bytes)Of course, Kimba has only recently rediscovered her canine roots.  She didn't know she was a dog until Sheila showed up and I'm surprised at how "dog-like" she becomes each day.  With all the playing she and Sheila do, she has trimmed down from the vienna sausage with legs that she has been all these years, to a more svelt dog-shape.  With the slim down she must be feeling better because she wags her tail, something she hasn't done in a long time.  She also jumps up (briefly) on her hind legs when I go to feed her, a feat which had been impossible for years.  She suddenly seems to have "rediscovered" her hearing (we've thought she was deaf for years) and as soon as I open a box to give Sheila a treat, Kimba is there demanding hers as well.

The ultimate was last night when she was playing with a ball.  Well, not so much playing as chewing on it, but Kimba has never in her life been interested in toys and I guess she decided that it was time to find out what all the fuss was about.

The transformation in Kimba over the past year has just been amazing.  It's almost as much fun as watching the puppies grow.

Ashley tells me that the puppies will start solid food on Monday, since they are so mature.  Since these guys still do not have a strong suck reflex, I think they are going to take to solid food like they've been eating it for weeks.  When they're ready, will move on to their foster home until they find permanent homes. 

I have told Ashley that since our new floor will be installed sometime in the foreseeable future (I hope), that this will probably be my last stint of puppy feeding unless I can work out a "puppy corral" that doesn't hurt the new floor (assuming that we can actually have the Pergo installed--still waiting for a call from Home Depot on that).

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Note that I've added a link in the left column to Schuyler's Fund, if anyone is moved to read more and help out.


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My very favorite puppy picture ever.
(this is my new desktop--just too cute!)

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