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25 March 2005

Houston, we have lift-off!

My god, I feel like a new mother waiting for baby's first wet diaper.  But after a couple of days of no urine whatsoever, I was really getting worried about these guys.  However, when let out of the cage for the second time yesterday, Demetrius squatted down and when he got up, there was a lovely wet spot (so nice that I'm not worried about peeing on the rug, since its days here are numbered)

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Hamlet finally followed suit with both a nice wet spot and a mini poop this morning (aren't you glad I'm sharing all this with you), so at least I know that finally the stuff that is going in, is also coming out.

These two puppies are more fun than Jed, Leo and Toby.  I feel a little sacreligious saying that, but it's because (a) they are older (I've decided), and (b) I'm not locking them in a room by themselves, but letting them out into the family room so Sheila can interact with them.

They also have more distinct personalities.   Hammie is a little terror.  He grabbed a piece of cloth that Sheila had left on the floor and started growling and shaking it...

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He's also the one who has already started crouching down in that "come play with me" stance, growl, and then jump on Demetrie.   He tried to attack his reflection in the brass legs of the table near my chair.   He even tackles Sheila, who has this incredulous look on her face as he growls and attacks her foot.  But she continues to be very good with them. 

Demetrius is more of the explorer.  While Hammie sticks close to either my feet or Sheila's feet, Demetrie is off checking out the far corners of the room, and checking out all the things he finds in the room.

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They are good for about 15 minutes of outside-the-cage play and then it's nap time.  This morning I was looking at Demetrie and he was just sitting in one spot, eyes closed, body swaying back and forth.  He didn't protest at all when put back in the cage, though Hammie wasn't too happy about it.

I can see that I need to figure out a place to put them where I can leave the cage door open.  They really are ready to have more freedom already, but now that I've given Sheila "permission," as it were, to "play" with them, if I were to set up the same arrangement I did last time, Sheila would probably go in to be with them, and I can't let that happen without supervision.  So they have to stay in the cage until I'm ready to sit on the floor and play with them.

But what a nice excuse to play with the puppies.

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Here's an excercise Mary put in her journal  She suggests that readers write the answers/questions in her guest book or via email.  What the heck, I'll give it a shot too...

A) Recommend to me:
1. a movie
2. a book
3. a musical artist, song, or album

(B) Ask me three questions, no more, no less. Ask me anything you want and I will post the answers in a new entry.

(C) For those who have them, copy and paste this meme in your blog, allowing your friends to ask you anything.


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