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24 March 2005

Once again, I am a walking cloud of perfume of puppies.  Amazing how that formula smell just permeates everything.  Fortunately, the new recliner has not yet arrived, so don't really mind dripping milk onto the old one because I know it will be replaced as soon as the family room is ready for it.

These guys are sure different from Jed, Leo and Toby.  For one thing, they are much more calm.  Much calmer.  Also, much more advanced.   They are supposed to be 2 weeks old; Jed, Leo and Toby were also supposed to be 2 weeks old, so either J,L, & T were a week younger than I was told or these guys are actually three weeks old.  They have teeth the others didn't.  Their eyes are open, the others weren't, and they also just seem more mature than Jed, Toby and Leo were.  They're already playing with each other and with "things."

But other than the maturity differences, J,L, & T were peeing machines.  I was told that I needed to stimulate their genitals after each feeding to get them to urinate.  But that was never a problem.  They practically peed on demand.  Of course all that sucking on each other gave them plenty of stimulation.

Demetrie and Hammie (I really don't like those names) haven't eliminated yet.  I can rub callouses on their little dangly bits and nothing.  Ashley says that it may be stress of being moved and not to worry about it yet.  I'm worried they'll swell up and explode.

On day #2 I decided that since they want out of the cage so badly, I'd let them waddle around on the rug, since I don't have to worry about their peeing on it.  In fact, I was hoping they would.  No luck in that department, but at least Demetrie did leave a sizeable poop on the linoleum.

This was the first time that Sheila would have access to puppies this young.  With the others, I kept them blocked off from her, but she had done all right with them when they got older and went outside and I thought I'd try it.  So I let the puppies out and I sat on the floor to run interference.  They seemed very happy to have so much room to explore.

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While Demetrius went off on his own, Hammie was closer to me, and Sheila was going nuts.  The big baby in her wanted to roll those puppies around like the Queen of Hearts rolls the hedgehogs around in Alice in Wonderland.  She would jump up in the air but come down carefully avoiding Hammie.  She would crouch down to play but instead of being as frantic about it as she is with Kimba, she would be very gentle.  I just loved watching her with him, though I didn't dare leave her alone (at one point, she did knock him over in her enthusiasm, and she was always nearly rolling over on him when she squirmed around).   But I was so pleased to see that she let Hammie crawl all over her, and he seemed happy to have found something that smelled like Mother.

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Sheila didn't know whether to bat at him or play with him and since she was glued to my body, I could feel that she so desperately wanted to let loose, but instead she rolled over on her back and let Hammie crawl up by her face.

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You know, it's like when you're pregnant with the second baby.  You wonder how you can possibly love a second one as much as the first and then when the baby comes, you find that you can.

Watching these little faces working furiously on taking in their formula and then listening to the little snuffling noises as the root around my body and nibble on my nose, I can see that they are just as special as Jed, Toby and Leo were.  (I just wish I'd had the chance to name them something different!)

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I just loved the way Sheila played with Hammie.

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