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23 March 2005

Well, Monday was an interesting day.

It was the day that Home Depot had scheduled someone to come out and measure the floor for the Pergo install.  It was also the day that Ashley, from the SPCA, was going to contact me if she couldn't find another bottle feeder for more puppies.  And it was Flickr's "Day in the Life Of.." (DILO) project, where more than 1200 people had signed up to photograph their day and post photos on Flickr.

When I originally decided to do DILO I figured it would be a pretty boring day.  Get up, make coffee, eat, feed dogs, feed Walt, sit at computer, eat,feed dogs, feed Walt, watch TV, go to bed.

I started out taking pictures of my toes as I woke up, then making coffee, checking e-mail, etc.  (It's all here if you'd like to see the pictures with descriptions, or here if you just want to look at the slide show)

At the start of the day, the floor guy called to say that he would arrive between 1 and 3.

Then Ashley e-mailed to say "when should I bring your puppies" (who, in all honesty, I had forgotten I'd offered to take).  I told her I would be home all day, but that the floor guy would be here between 1 and 3 and that would probably be the least desirable time to bring the new puppies.

Next the phone started ringing.   We are going to St. Louis next month to see Rachel's "Capstone," a production that she is producing and directing.  When Susie was here, she thought it would be a wonderful surprise for Rachel if we were to show up.  So we're all going--Walt and I and Will. 

I must have had 10 phone calls from Will trying to organize flights and hotels.  He always called on my cell phone and if I'd been smarter, I would brought the phone into my office with me, but who knew he would call so often!

At about 1:10, the floor guy showed up.  Not exactly Mr. Personality.  He set about measuring the floor in minute detail.

At 1:15, Ashley and the puppies arrived.  Demetrius and Hamlet (I didn't name them).  They look much like Jed and Toby, are 2 weeks old, their eyes have just opened. 

AshleNewPups.jpg (68633 bytes)

At 1:20, with Not-Mr.-Personality in one room and Ashley carting puppy stuff in from the car and Sheila hyper because of all the activity, Will called again, needing me to look up an address on the computer for him.  I finally told him I'd have to call him back.

With all the confusion going on, I was trying to take Ashley's photo and sneak photos of Not-Mr.-Personality for DILO (from the look of him, I suspect he would not have been happy to pose for a photo if he knew that I was taking it).

By 1:40, Ashley was gone, Not-Mr.-Personality was gone, Sheila was off the leash, and the puppies were still sound asleep in their cage.  I had time to check the internet for an address for Will and give him a call.

pupsincage.jpg (75530 bytes)

The puppies finally woke up around 5 p.m.--5 hours since they were last fed (this was a good sign) and I started the bottle feeding routine again.  Ashley had found better bottles and said that the pups were taking this bottle much better than Jed, Leo and Toby had.  Initially, I was thrilled.  They were actually SUCKING on the nipple and lying on my chest while doing it.  But after only about 1 oz of formula, they would start whimpering and rooting around and I'd have to fight to get them to take the bottle.

Hamlet.jpg (57254 bytes)

I finally realized that I was doing exactly what I had done with the other puppies--letting them suck on my finger while squiring milk through the bottle nipple into their mouths.  Eventually, I just went back to my trusty syringe.

These guys have a lot less developed suck reflex, though.  Hamlet was finally getting the hang of it by the time he had his second feeding, but I have some work to do with Demetrius.

Demetrie.jpg (62545 bytes)

Walt is pleased to have puppies back in the house again, especially, as before, because we get them when they are little and cute and by the time they start being dogs someone else will have them (all of my other babies have been adopted now).

So we're back in the puppy business for the next couple of weeks.  Might as well get this all out of my system before I get the shiny new floor in here and become more reluctant to have puppies peeing on it!

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Hammie and I both fell asleep after he finished eating.

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