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20 March 2005

Happy Anniversary to me!

Today, Funny the World celebrates its 5th birthday.  This is the 1815th entry I have written...and it's only the beginning.

So what do I talk about as this journal starts its sixth year, that I haven't already covered in previous "happy journalversary" entries.  Nothing worse than repeating yourself.

It's funny how the more things change, the more they stay the same.  The journal entry written a year and a couple of days ago, the day my mother was here helping me choose flooring at Home Depot, was the day I wrote an entry about my solo venture to Home Depot for knobs for the bathroom remodel.

The entry I wrote in 2000, on March 21 is talking about how I was working with a mountain of videotapes, getting them all labeled.

Am I living my life in circles?  Probably.   Since the start of this journal, I have gone on two, count 'em, successful diets, efforts which each time got the journal more attention, as I was very open and honest with what I was feeling and what I was going through and what got me to where I was at that point, and how I would never gain weight again.

Well, so much for that.

Also, at the start of this journal, I was a fat couch potato.  I've gone from that point to a regular gym attendee and passionate biker.  Now I'm a fat couch potato again, while my bike gathers dust over in Cindy's garage.

At the start of this journal I had just met Steve and hadn't yet met Peggy.  I count both, now as two of my best friends.

The journal has followed me around this country, to England, Ireland, Scotland and Australia, and my faithfulness to keeping it updated is a testimony to the obsession this journal has become.

I've typed entries in total darkness, save for the light from my laptop, in motels while Walt was sleeping.  I've been hunched over in the back of a coffee shop in Scotland where the owner wasn't even sure what a computer was, much less what I was doing on the Internet.  I know all the main internet cafes in London and am an expert at working the system at "Easy Everything."

I've put money in a coin operated computer in the lobby of a hotel in New York at 1 a.m. because we had just come in from a night at the theatre and I had to write an entry before I went to sleep.  I've taken apart motel rooms and, when there wasn't a convenient desk, typed entries on my lap, or with the computer balanced precarously on a tiny night table.  Peggy's friend Monty bought a laptop, mostly for my use (he said) when I was in Australia and we carted that thing all over the place with us.  I wrote and posted entries when I could, and when I couldn't, I wrote entries to post later, but I still wrote an entry a day.

In planning ahead for a trip, I've plotted out routes from hotels to internet cafes on trips when I decided not to bring the computer with me. 

I've gotten the techniques of making "updates" when on the road down to a science and preparation for entries while I'm away takes precedence over packing my suitcase for a trip.

I've been "dooced" a time or two (a term, I've learned, which means that an entry was discovered by someone who should never have discovered it and it caused problems.  Actually, technically, I think "dooced" means you've been fired because of your journal, but I've had enough awkward moments that I think I qualify for the term.)

I've also made wonderful friends in the journaling community -- Secra, Haggie, Marn, Mary, Doug, Jim, Kathy, Becky, Stefani, and Wilma, among others, some of whom I've met, and others of whom I only know through e-mail.  I've also encouraged real-time friends to get their own journals--and some have:  Mary, Tricia, Ellen, Michelle and Joan among them.  And then there are people who aren't friends, who whose lives it is still important for me to follow--like Rob, Pandi, Joe.By.God, the Fuller-Brantners, Ava, and Leslie, among them.

There are the people who regularly leave notes in my guestbook without e-mail or web sites on them--some of whom I can find the web sites of, others of whom I can't.  People like Gin and Sil and Katherine and Sue and Bonnie and Just Sayin'.

[I feel like one of those guys standing up there with Oscar in hand trying not to forget anybody! --Oh yeah, there's that singer/songwriter type guy.]

Then there are all the faceless people who, my counter tells me, read this journal whom I will never know, hear from, or meet, but who make me feel so special just to know that they find enough interesting here to come back on a regular basis.

This isn't exactly one of those "interesting enough" entries, I'm afraid.  But, the 5th anniversary is supposed to be "wood," so I guess it's appropriate that this be a "wooden entry" !

Thanks once again for being with me and for giving me a reason to be obsessed at keeping this daily journal.

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On the left is the first picture of Ned I ever posted, on day #1 of the journal
on the right is a picture of him taken about a year ago--he's had at least
2 different hair styles since then.

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