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16 March 2005

It was the most exciting e-mail I'd received in awhile:

For those of us who are not aware of it, the Core Pond Dog Park is OPEN!!!!! :)  We can now finally see the fruits of our labor - countless hours of City Council meetings, letters to City officials, time getting signatures, etc.

Sheila and I were in the car within 10 minutes, driving down to check out the facilities.

It's marvelous!

CoreAreaE2W.JPG (53048 bytes)
looking south to north

and it's HUGE

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looking east to west

Sheila ran her legs off there and collapsed when she got back into the car. 

One of the best things, other than the size, is that there is a double gate.  One of the big problems I observed over and over again at the park where we've been going is that fights break out most often when someone is coming in the gate with a dog on a leash.  The dogs who are off leash and the on-leash dog fight with each other.  I don't know whether the off-leash dogs feel the incoming dog is weak, or if the incoming dog feels threatened.  But with the double gate, dogs can be taken off leash before letting them into the larger park. 

Wannigan.jpg (123744 bytes)

The park has not yet been officially dedicated--that comes next month, after the water spigot is installed and (please, dear God) benches are added.  But it is now open for business and based on how much exercise Sheila got today (much more than she ever gets at the closer park), we will be using this park more regularly than the other one.

It occurred to me, as I was tossing the ball with a "chuck-it" for her how good she has been for my arm.  I remember when she first came last June and I would throw a ball for her, how my injured shoulder would ache.  But after nearly a year of throwing a ball for Sheila to fetch (or not), I don't notice even a twinge in my shoulder when I throw it any more.  Good physical therapy!

When we got home from the park, there was even more exciting e-mail awaiting me--and it is just the beginning of the debate, but as you have undoubtedly already heard, Superior Court Judge Richard Kramer says there is "no rational reason" for the ban against gay marriage.  The talk shows are all ablaze, literally, with people spouting off about "activists judges" and people marrying their dogs and moral imperatives and constitutional amendments.  But for the moment, the court has listened to both sides of the issue and ruled in favor of equal rights instead of separate but not really equal. 

There is great celebration by gay and gay-friendly people all over the country and California is going to be watched very carefully as this issue makes its way up to higher and higher courts.  My fingers are very definitely crossed.

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For what it's worth, I have no desire to marry Sheila.


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