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15 March 2005

At about 4 p.m. yesterday, I realized that we had to leave for Walt's office party at about 5:10 and that I perhaps should start making the carrot dish.  The mountain of carrots was so impressive that I decided to make a photo journal out of it.

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First, I started with five bunches of carrots that Walt had purchased at the Farmer's Market that morning.   There were more "tops" than bottoms in the bags so the first step was to remove all the greenery.

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I washed them all and cut off the tops.  It occurred to me that it was kind of silly washing them when I was just going to scrape the skin off, but I did it.  At this point I was kicking myself for not just making the traditional pot-luck side dish, green beans with French Onions on top.   I would have been finished  by now if I had!

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Next, I peeled them all.   I had a sizeable pile of peelings in the sink when I finished.  I was thinking that I needed Ned's expertise--it's Ned who usually peels all the potatoes for Christmas dinner

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I used my trusty Cuisinart to begin slicing the carrots.  I wouldn't even have considered this job without the cuisinart.

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I started to fill a pot with sliced carrots and suddenly realized that I had many, many, many more peeled carrots than I needed, so stopped sicing at this point.  I will have to find something else to do with the peeled, unsliced carrots.

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I set the carrots on the stove and let boil.  The recipe says for 4-5 minutes, but there were so many, it took about 8 minutes before they were easily pierced with a fork.

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Now came that cumin I had trouble finding.  I melted butter in the pan, added cumin and the carrots and cooked a bit longer, then added honey and orange juice.

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When the carrots were all finished and transferred to a bowl, ready to take to the party, I looked at the clock and realized that it was exactly 5:01.  There was just enough time to get my shoes on and meet Walt at the car, ready to go.  (It's a good thing I decided not to try to process all of the carrots!)

When we got to the pot luck, I put them down on the table--next to somebody's bowl of green bean casserole with french onions on top!

The perfect end to this story, after all the work of making the carrot dish, would be to bring home a bowl that was still half full of carrots, but actually there were almost none left.  The best moment was at the end of the meal when the guest of honor (who is moving to No. Carolina) looked up and said"who made the carrots?  Those were delicious."  So I guess that all the work was worth it after all!

I don't usually like office parties because I get tongue tied and feel like a bump on a log, but there was a guy there who had made two posters for the guest of honor and I asked him if he had done it in PhotoShop, which he had, and we had a nice chat about PhotoShop, so I didn't feel quite so awkward--and people liked my carrots.  I'd call that a successful evening.

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Someone sent me this photo of a white moose--
I'd never seen a white moose before (or knew they existed)

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