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13 March 2005

What could be a more laudable ambition than to teach young children that everybody on this earth is one big family and we should love one another?

Well, a lot, according to the American Family Association, who are protesting a video about to be distributed to grammar schools across the country which consists of favorite cartoon characters and muppets singing "We are Family."

The AFA says it's not because the video includes the "gay" character of Sponge Bob Square Pants (who maintains that he's straight, but James Dobson of Focus on the Family apparently knows better), but it's the message that a family is a group of people who come together in love.

They say that clearly promotes gay marriage and promotes the gay agenda.

Give me a break!

Gawd, I hope these guys continue to shoot themselves in the foot like this -- and I desperately hope that people in this country are intelligent enough to see that this obsession with finding a "gay agenda" under every rock and behind every tree has become ludicrous.

But then this is a country that elected George Bush, at least once, so I may be mistaken in the overall intelligence level, especially of folks in the red states.

The AFA and others of their ilk are so intent on stomping out anything that smacks of gay tolerance that they are finding a hidden agenda in the most obscure reference in cartoons (though I still don't know why, given their fervent attack on the fantasy world -- Sponge Bob and Tinky Winky being two shining examples -- that nobody has picked up on the blatant fact that Bert and Ernie are gay.  I mean--c'mon--two guys who live together and are constantly kvetching at each other?  Sounds like every gay couple I ever met!  But no, Bert and Ernie get a pass while the addition of a child who is HIV positive (presumably from the "good" way, getting it through a blood transfusion, so they don't have to deal with all that icky sex stuff) to the Sesame Street cast is objectionable because the "G" word might accidentally enter into any discussion of the subject of HIV and the kids might find out that there are -- gasp! -- gay people in this world.

But come on, people, we have people blowing themselves up because their hatred for other people is so strong they are willing to die in order to kill dozens...or hundreds...or thousands of the enemy.   What's so bloody wrong about teaching a kid in kindergarten to love and accept all people. 

I don't get it.

I'll never get it.

But while I'm ranting, here's off on a totally different tangent ...  what has happened to cumin?  Has there been a sudden blight on the cumin crops world-wide? 

The other day Walt brought home some carrots from the Farmers Market and I found a nice recipe for carrots with honey and cumin.  We both loved it, so when he had to volunteer me to bring a dish to an office pot luck, we both agreed that the carrot dish would be a good one.

But the problem was that I was out of cumin. 

It's my favorite spice and I use it a lot.  I usually have at least two bottles of ground cumin around here, but when I went to make a tortilla thingy last night, I could only find one almost empty bottle that I had to scrape powder off the sides of, and then some cumin seeds, that I used, when I couldn't get enough of the ground stuff.

So today I set out to replenish my cumin supply.  The supermarket where I shop stocks spices by three different companies.  I was surprised when there was a gaping hole in the Schilling bottles where the cumin should be, but I figured I'd just get the more expensive Spice Island cumin.  Imagine my surprise to discover they had no cumin either.  So I went to McCormick spices and in the slot where their cumin was supposed to be was one and only one bottle.

I grabbed it quickly before hoards of frustrated shoppers came rushing in in search of cumin.

But it sure is strange -- I had no idea there was a cumin crisis brewing.  I'm going to have to start shopping and stocking up before the rest of the world finds out, I guess.

I wouldn't want one of the brothers in the family we are all part of to share my cumin if it means I get less.


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Looks like Toby was adopted last week, but Jed and Leo are still around.

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