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11 March 2005

Mary called today from Wisconsin.  She is making plans for her trip out here in June and wanted to confer.  

The altered book group, the same group that met in New Jersey last year, is going to meet again this year, since we had so much fun last time.  Of course between then and now we really haven't DONE much in the way of altering books or anything else, but we just enjoyed each other's company and I mentioned that I had the use of my mother-in-law's condo at Tahoe.   Everyone jumped at the opportunity.

They are coming from different places, at different times, to different airports and staying for differing periods of time so it's getting a little complicated, but I'm equal to the task.

Mary and Sherry will be traveling together from Wisconsin, Sharon from Virginia, Phyllis from New Jersey and Michelle from Texas.  Mary and Sherry are staying the longest, spending another week split between me and on their own in San Francisco.  Michelle is coming a day early.   Phyllis is flying into and out of Reno, so I don't really have to worry about her at all, other than to direct her how to find us at the Condo.

But there are all sorts of possible things to do, and places to see and it was getting so confusing trying to remember who I had told what to that I finally sat down and designed two web pages today that everyone can look at.

This one leads them to a page about where the condo is (including a link to the web page for the condo complex itself) and as many possible activities and places to go as I could think of.  It may be that we'll just spend our time sitting in the house working on craft stuff, or lounging about at the condo pool, but this, I hope, covers all the bases for any possible extracurricular activity.

Then I also did this one for Mary and Sherry of all the things that it would be possible for them to do with me on the 3 days we'll be together before I drop them off in The City.

Finally, I directed all of them to my journal entry about my "grand tour" of San Francisco so they can get some sort of idea about what I usually do when I give people the "surface tour" of the city to give them an idea about what they might like to follow up on afterwards.

At the same time I was whipping through these web sites (which involved finding graphics through Google and then resizing them on PhotoShop to fit the page), I was also trying to find boxes for more videotapes to package up.  The "big cupboard" is just about packed now.  I'm saving more tapes than I thought I would, but it's not even going to get to 50, I don't think.

Good old Jim reminded me that you can transfer VHS tapes to DVD.  Actually, I knew that, but he told me about the DVD recorder he bought and it sounded good.  I started checking reviews of it on line and then found a warehouse that had it on sale for an affordable price, so I finally bit the bullet and ordered it.  There are SO many videos around here that I don't want to lose (things like the kids' performances), and I also promised Carlos that I would record some of the shows he was in for him, so I think that this thing will be going nonstop as soon as I figure out how to set it up.

And, proving that I can multi-task, in addition to finding pictures on Google, resizing them on PhotoShop, getting a web site set up, and ordering expensive equipment off the internet, I was also trying to zip through another transcription and get ready to go to see Singing in the Rain, the touring Broadway production that I'm reviewing tonight.

The only thing I did't get done was cleaning up the kitchen, but I do have my priorities!!!

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Proof that I've really started the clean-out process.  This cabinet
was filled with videotapes, 3-deep.  I've only kept a dozen.

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