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8 March 2005

We went to dinner over the weekend with our group of folks who used to be involved with the Lamplighter tech crew.   I still think of them as the "Lamplighter tech crew," though since the company now plays mostly in union houses, and since they are not part of the union, they can no longer help load or unload sets, or work backstage.

However, this group forged a close bond in the years when they were working together.  They get together a couple of times a year for Giants baseball games, and once or twice a year, the guy who had been the Technical Director and his wife throw a big dinner party for all the old crew (and spouses--I think there are 3 of us who didn't actually work on the crew itself).

Barbara is a fantastic cook and it's always a gourmet treat to get together.  For this particular dinner, after we finished our salmon with wonderful sauces and side dishes, she hauled out a literal vat of chocolate mousse.  Now that's my kinda hostess!

We sat around the huge dining room table.  There were gay couples and straight couples.  I think there were only two there who were not a couple.  I was sitting at one end of the table kind of listening to Jim and John tell jokes, when I became aware that at the other end of the table, Jon and Ron were talking about their friends and how they had 18 month old twins and how they had been conceived by in vitro fertilization, with donor eggs from the same mother and mixed sperm from each father, and how they had implanted several eggs and two of them "took," and that when the babies were born, it turns out that DNA shows that one of them is biologically one father's child and the other is bioloigcally the other father's child.

There was talk about adjusting to parenthood and how one of the Dads was now staying home to be the stay-at-home parent, and how they had gone from being prissy queens to not even caring when the kid spilled something on the rug.

The also talked about other friends who had babies and how they liked to play Uncle Jon and Uncle Ron.

I started laughing and had to stop them. 

"How long have the two of you been together?" I asked.

"20 years," they said.  (They are about to celbrate their 20th anniversary, proving, of course, that gay relationships don't last.)

I asked them if they ever, in their wildest dreams imagined that there would come a day when they would be sitting around discussing in vitro fertilization and which dad was going to be the stay at home parent, and going to baby showers.

They laughed and said that never, ever would they have imagined this day 20 years ago.

It's the new "gay lifestyle," the "evil" gay community has now discovered parenting.   Gay and lesbian couples are making commitments to each other as life-partners, whether the government will recognize those commitments or not, and they are settling into homes behind white picket fences, they are picking out silverware patterns and buying baby furniture and joining the PTA.

Oooo...don't let the kids know.   It would warp them for life to hear that loving couples remain stable and raise families together.

It's just great fun to follow FullerBrantner.com, as well as the blogs of their friends, who are also raising children.

Lately I've been following the tale of Mason and Avery, twin boys who were born to a lesbian couple here in town.   They were premature and so are still hospitalized and seem to be doing well, though not out of the woods yet.  But there are photos and updates posted every day and I rejoiced with them this morning to learn that Avery was able to be put into preemie clothes for the first time (Mason is still just in a diaper in an incubator).

I wish that all the preachers who stand in their pulpits and condemn an entire segment of the population as immoral and evil could look at the loving families that are becoming more the norm in many gay commiunities around the country.

Of course, the boys will never be Boy Scouts, but otherwise, they are just good ol' Amurican parents raising good ol' Amurican kids.

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Meet Rugby and Pippin...or Pippin and Rugby.
Reading about "the puppies" convinced their person to get a puppy
...and then couldn't stop at one, so took two.

Aren't they adorable?  -- I'm so proud!

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