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OK--OK.  So I tore up the damn toy...does she have to keep showing these damn pictures???

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7 March 2005

I haven't done one of these Sunday Brunches before, but this one appealed to me.

1) What is your favorite kitchen appliance?

Without a doubt, the Cuisinart.  This was my one big extravagance after my father died.   I had just come from the bank, after closing down his account.  He didn't leave a whole lot, but enough to divide up half of it among the kids and use the other half to take the whole family on a vacation to England and Ireland.   I hadn't really planned on spending the money on me, other than what I'd share with all the rest of the family, but one thing I'd wanted for a long time was a Cuisinart.  A Cuisinart-brand food processor.   I stopped at a Costco on the way home from the bank, and bought myself the top of the line, biggest one they had.  I have loved that machine since day #1 and don't know how I lived without it!

2) What kind of cookware do you have?

When we were married, I signed up for copper-bottomed Revere ware and I still have all of it.  I've added a few pieces here and there of other things, like a huge non-stick fry pan (which, now that Paul is gone and not likely to be using a metal implement on it, has lasted for many years).  And no, I don't keep the copper gleaming!  I also have a few cast iron pieces that I love ,which had been my father's.  He had a huge collection of cast iron pieces, but they were so caked with thick layers of grease, that I ended up throwing most of them away, with heavy heart.

3) What color are your countertops and cabinets?

Kind of a robin's egg blue for the counter tops, medium dark wood stain for the cabinets.  At the time we were building this house, I really wanted blue and for the most part I've been very happy with it, but if I were rich, I would take it out and put in Corian.

4) Name one kitchen appliance or gadget that you wish you had.

I actually think I have everything I want.  I have had a lot of things I thought I wanted but now sit unused.  Also things like my bread maker which got lots and lots of use for the first couple of years, but which now pretty much sits unused.  I look through kitchen catalogs and see things that it might be fun to have (like a pasta making machine), but I know in my heart of hearts that I wouldn't use it more than once and then it would just gather dust, probably on the counter, since there is no more cabinet space!  The only appliance I'd like that I'd probably use is one of those super-fast ice cream makers, but that would probably be the worst thing that could ever happen to me!

5) Describe your dream kitchen.

My dream kitchen would not fit in this house.   Our kitchen is teeny, one person wide.  If we were to build a house today, it would be huge, very open, twice as many cupboards as we have today.  Light.   High ceiling so pans can hang overhead (I have a modified version of that now, with hooks on the overhead beams for hanging pots).  I would have double ovens to make Christmas dinners easier to cook.  A convection oven.  Cabinets for no other reason than a place to hide all the junk and make the counters look uncluttered.  A large free-standing counter (at least twice what I have now) with no cupboards over it.   All those fancy drawers to hold spices and pot lids and things.  Everything roll-out.  A huge walk-in pantry.  A pop out window over the sink overlooking a nice garden instead of a back fence.  Lots of LIGHT.  Wood floors.

(And maybe a fenced off area for puppies smiley3.gif (305 bytes) )

Nice dream.  Will never happen.

Oh ... here's a slide show of all the puppy pictures I took yesterday, if you're interested)

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