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This is my person's friends Chippa and Indy.  They like to play the same way that Kimba and I do.

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6 March 2005

"Today's the big day," Walt said to me as we were standing in the kitchen, filling our respective coffee cups.

"I know," I said, excitedly.

It was the day the puppies were going to be available for adoption.  We hadn't seen them in 3 weeks, and we were eager to get up to Petco, where the SPCA has the dogs on display each week, and see how our babies had grown.

"Yes your babies will be there, they are sooo cute!!!" wrote Ashley, from the SPCA. "The one with the white on his face (I forgot their names) is a little timid, he likes to hide under decks," she added.

Harumph.  How could she forget Leo, Jed and Toby?  (Jed is the timid one, apparently)

The morning passed slowly.   I tried to get some transcription done to help pass the time.  Walt made his weekly trip to the Farmers' Market early so he could be home in time to go up and see the puppies.  We were sure they'd be snapped up quickly and we didn't want to risk missing any of them.

"I will be there from 11:30 to about 5, but placement is from 12 to 4.  Just in case they are adopted I'd come close to the begining," wrote Ashley.

Was she kidding?  We'd be there on the dot of 11:30, camera in hand!

I kept checking the time.   It passed so slowly.  I couldn't believe how excited I was to see the puppies again.  After all, I had practically nursed them myself, since they ate by sucking milk off my fingers.  We had a real bond. Or at least I did.  I was sure they had long ago forgotten me.  Furry babies are so fickle.

I knew I'd want to bring one--or all of them--home, and steeled myself against making that rash decision.  I reminded myself of housebreaking.  Chewing.  I kept looking at the stains that will probably not come out of the kitchen floor.  No.  No.  I could not bring one back home again, but I could enjoy watching them look for new homes, homes with little kids that would love to grow up with a puppy.

I made copies of the puppy slide show I made for myself.  I didn't know if maybe one of the new owners might like to see their new puppy as a teeny baby, but I thought I'd give them that opportunity.

At 11:30, I parked in the Petco parking lot and followed the crowds to the cages.  And there they were...my babies! They were now reunited with their siblings and all five puppies were togehter in the cage.

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They've grown so much!  Mostly I stood around and watched them and watched how interested people were in them.  But I was able to get full face pictures of Leo and Jed.  It was fun to compare them to pictures when they were here and see how they have "matured" in 3 weeks.

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Walt was able to renew his friendship with Toby, who was always his favorite.

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One couple was seriously considering Leo and filled out paperwork for him.   They wanted him for the woman's father and were going to talk with the father about him tomorrow.  I gave them one of the slide show CDs so they could look at all of the puppies while we had them.

It was a little sad to think of them going to new homes, but the look on the little kids who were excited about seeing the puppies made me smile, knowing that all of them will soon have permanent homes.

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I probably won't see my babies again, but it sure was nice to see them today and see how big they've grown and how happy they look. Of course if they didn't find homes today and will be on display next week.....

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Jed is still my favorite, though he's so hefty now I swear he's gained 5-10 lbs!

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