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5 March 2005

The news is full of it:   they've caught the BTK serial killer.  Dennis Rader has been linked by DNA evidence to a series of killings which took place in Wichita between 1974 and 1991.   

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Most of the victims were women.   In one instance he murdered an entire family.

By all appearances, Dennis Rader was a nice, normal guy working for the City of Witchita and liked by all his neighbors.

Rader was also a Boy Scout leader.

Well, thank god at least he wasn't gay.

I don't want to minimize the enormity of Rader's (alleged) crimes, but when cases like this surface, it makes me so angry to remember the rules of the Boy Scouts of America which forbids anyone gay from serving as a Boy Scout leader.

Would the Scouts knowingly allow a serial killer to deal with young boys?  Of course not!  But the point is that here was this guy who was running around town strangling people and they had no clue.   Yet someone who might be the best, most innocent, most dedicated leader in the world is condemned without a trial simply for being gay.

Gay people are guilty until proven innocent...but not given an opportunity to prove that innocence because they are guilty.  Talk about a Catch-22 situation.

Recently I saw one of the non-clerical bigwigs in the Boston Archdiocese defending the action (or non-action) of the Catholic church during the whole decades of pedophilia.  He was asked if the whole issue might have been ameliorated if priests were permitted to marry.

"This is not a crisis of celibacy," the man sputtered.  "It's a crisis of homosexuality," conveniently ignoring the hundreds of girls and women who were molested by straight pedophile priests.

It's only the gay priests who are bad.  Obviously.

Then today I watched an episode of The West Wing where there was a meeting between the White House staff and representatives of the military over the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy which showed the military guys proudly defending their conviction that gays in the military would ruin unit cohesiveness, would prevent the straight soldiers from working efficiently.

Yes, this was a television script, but I am certain that many such meetings have been held in the development of DADT. 

You have to laugh at the vanity of it all.  To assume that because a man (or woman) is gay, that the others in the unit would be at risk of "attack" by the gay person, as if gay people are less able to control their sexual urges than straight people, or as if all straight people are irresistible.

This, of course, ignores the scores of female military who continually come forward with charges of rape by their fellow (straight) soldiers.  It also ignores the hundreds...thousands...of gay people who have served their country honorably and never attacked a bunk mate or wanted to have a little dalliance in a foxhole while being fired upon by the enemy.

And finally, I read Fullerbrantner.com today, about the finalization of baby Audrey's adoption.  I saw the photos of Audrey in her pink outfit and her cute little hat.  I saw the happy faces of her fathers and of their friends and family.  And I couldn't imagine how anybody could find this anything other than beautiful.

But you can't have a rational discussion on this subject with people who have this huge black and white mentality with the dividing line a book written thousands of years ago, from which they conveniently pick and choose which rules must be obeyed and which can be ignored.  And when the head of one of the largest religious in the world continues to think of homosexuality as "evil."

Again I say--it ain't fair.   It ain't fair.  It ain't fair.

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