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Latest video I posted is of Gayiel Von, who performed at the Davis Pride Picnic--fabulous singer.  It took about 30 tries to get this damn thing to post, so I hope somebody watches it!  (It takes awhile to load--if you have dial up, forget it!)  I also finally was able to get a second snippet of a number by Von to post--this is the better one.


28 June 2005

It took Sydney an entire day to figure out how to get in the dog door.  I had dozed off in front of the TV and woke to the sound of puppy whines, softly.  When I sat up, there was Sydney running around the family room. 

Well, once he'd learned that, there was no stopping him. 

I blocked off the dog door, as I do every night, and we were OK for the night.  The puppies actually let me sleep until 5 a.m. this morning.  It had  been 4:30 the previous morning.

Actually, it's not the puppies who wake me up, it's Sheila realizing that the puppies are awake and whining who wakes me up to get me to do something for them.  I spent a lot of time taking Sydney back outside and finally just blocked off the dog door again from the inside (so Sheila and Kimba won't try to get out), and put the puppies' cage in front of it from the outside, so they won't try to get in.  I expect to spend a lot of the next week letting dogs in and out of the family room.

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We found that we spent a lot of time yesterday just sitting outside watching the puppies chase each other and sheila around.

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At one point I decided that I would take better pictures if I got down on the puppies' level and took pictures there instead of shooting down all the time.   Well that was exciting.  Friedman (yes, we've named the "new" dog "Friedman" in honor of our friend Sean Friedman's birthday) spied the camera strap and thought that was a wonderful thing to play tug o' war with.   (Wanna see a video?  Check here.)

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At the same time, Sydney attacked my Birkinstock-clad foot.  It seemed I had two choices--allow those razor-sharp teeth to sink into my tender toes, or let him chew up my shoe.

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Once I decided that this was not going to work, trying to get up with (a) my shoe unchewed, (b) my camera strap still attached to the camera, and (c) my toes unbloodied was a real challenge since I was covered with puppies as I tried to haul myself up into a chair again.

They are such boundless bundles of happy mischief!  It's going to be a real challenge this week, trying to keep them out, let the other dogs in and out by the sliding glass door instead of the dog door, and just watching the two of them romp around the yard.

Last night we went in to Morrison's Restaurant in Woodland for an anniversary dinner.  It's the fanciest restaurant around these parts, as the bill would attest, but oh my was it a wonderful dinner.  We started out with dungness crab cakes that we shared, then we both had lamb sirloin for a main course and a fantastic creme brulee for dessert.  Since we never order either appetizers or dessert, we were both completely stuffed when we waddled out of there. 

Morrisons.jpg (38632 bytes)The restaurant is really a neat old place.  I love it that it's described as a combination "Queen Anne and Frontier" style!

That turret on the right there is a private room (the restaurant is on the third floor of this old hotel).  I remember one time when my friend RoseMarie and I were going to dinner at Morrison's.  She was my boss at the time and we were going to discuss something about business, so she requested the turret room so we could have some privacy.  Apparently the turret room is their romantic get-a-way because when the two of us arrived, they had set the table so that instead of our places across from one another, they were next to one another, and there was soft light and some roses on the table.  We laughed about that.


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