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25 June 2005

I've been on the horns of a dilemma (when I was conscious!) since I got home from San Francisco.  The original plan was for me to bring Mary and Sherry back to Davis with me, they would do some sightseeing around here for a couple of days, and then they would go back to SF for a couple of days while I stayed home to review The King And I and then I would drive down to San Francisco on Saturday morning and be with them for all the Pride Week festivities--the festival in the Civic Center, the Dyke March on Saturday night, the pride parade on Sunday.

I was uncomfortable about this plan for several reasons.  The main one was that the last time I went to Pride week in San Francisco, I weighed significantly less than I do now.  My body was also in better shape, and better able to (a) stand and (b) walk than it is now.  I was afraid I'd be a drag on them, but they assured me that no, I would not.

Secondly, I know that they like to party, to visit the bars, and that they would want to be dancing in the streets of the Castro, which is not my scene at all.  I have never been a "bar" type person, I have never--even when "thin"--felt comfortable dancing, have never felt  I could relax in a crowd.

The third reason why I didn't feel comfortable with the original plan was that San Francisco is a cornucopia of delights for the palate and Davis is...well...Davis.  Oh, I could find things to keep them busy for a couple of days, but, really...if you were visiting Northern California and only had a few days, what in the hell are you doing in Davis, of all places???   I mentioned that several times before they came, but Mary assured me they really wanted to see me in my native habitat.

Fortunately, we stopped by my native habitat en route to San Francisco from Lake Tahoe so they could say they'd seen Walt, Sheila, Kimba, and the pergo and once they saw San Francisco, I could see that my native habitat no longer held the lure that it once did.  I could easily strike the third reason off the list.  But that still left reasons 1 and 2 to deal with.

They promised to get chairs for the parade and someone offered her apartment to crash in if I got tired (God, that makes me sound like such an old poop!) but the more I thought about it, the less fun it sounded, especially as I kept getting reports from Mary and Sherry about dancing in the Castro, walking up and down Market Street, visiting the clubs, and running hither and thither.  

I also had that little intestinal thing that kind of wiped me out for two days, though I really feel just fine by today.  The more I thought about it, the more I really did not want to go to SF.   Also, Mary and Sherry needed my guidance less and less and had hooked up with friends, so really could do without me just fine.

The coup de grÔce for my possible weekend in San Francisco came when Ashley wrote to ask if we would be willing to bring Rosie, Bruiser and Sydney back here on Saturday, after their afternoon on display at Petco, to keep for a week.


My babies are coming home!  How could I go away and leave them???

So I called Mary and told her that I'd decided not to come.  In all honesty, she was quite gracious and expressed their willingness to have me join them, but I could sense that she was probably as relieved that I was not coming as I was to not be coming.

So they will experience their first San Francisco Gay Pride in all its glory and I'll see how big the puppies have gotten and watch them cavort on the back lawn with Sheila. 

I'm sure that we will all be happier for it!



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