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Well, jeez.  She did nothing but SLEEP all afternoon.  A girl has to do something to amuse herself!


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24 June 2005

Well, yesterday was pretty much a lost day.  I slept off and on pretty much all afternoon (save for crawling to the computer to write a journal entry).  Walt came home from work and I sent him to the Farmers Market for dinner.  I think I was asleep when he came home.  I kind of dozed off and on,  between trips to the bathroom, and around 9 p.m., Walt suggested I take Imodium, which I hadn't thought of before.  That seemed to calm things down and I probably fell asleep not much after 9 p.m. and slept through until 4 a.m., then kind of dozed until about 5:30.

So I certainly can't say that I am in need of sleep!!!

I had one more conference with the downstairs bathroom shortly after waking, but things have been quiet ever since, even though I've (cautiously) had both breakfast and lunch.  I'm hoping that whatever this was has finally....uh..."passed."

I did feel a bit light-headed when I stood up this morning.  I was reminded of Underdog, who at one point said something like "things are fine when I lie down, but when I stand up, things go 'round and 'round."  I chalked the dizziness up to having had nothing substantive in my system for most of 24 hours.  Once I ate something, things started to return to normal again.

So the day progressed and all seemed to be back to normal again, but around 1 p.m., I was feeling really, really sleepy, so I sat down in the recliner, put on something fairly boring on TV and fell asleep until Walt called and woke me up.

As I was talking to him, I realized that my mouth felt funny.  When I hung up, I went to the mirror and this is what I saw:

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My lower lip is swolen about 3 times normal size and I don't have a clue why.  I look like I've gone 3 rounds with Muhammad Ali.  And the inside of the lip feels like wet corrugated paper.

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I'll tell ya, this is certainly an interesting week!  If it's not one end it's the other!

But in the middle of all of these physical pecularities, I've made reservations for a trip to Washington, D.C. next month.  Walt is going to be working there for awhile and I'm going to go fly back for a week-end.  It will have the bonus of having the opportunity to finally meet Mary, whose journal I've been reading for some time now.  She promises me a chance to spend some time watching jugglers.  I told her as long as I only had to handle a camera, I'd love it.

Summertime in Washington, D.C.  What a pleasant prospect.  For masochists!  (At least I'm realistic enough to expect heat and humidity...and to get the hell out of there as quickly as possible!)


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This is a gypsy cart that we saw in Truckee.
Michelle took the photo.

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