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23 June 2005

If yesterday was a day to "decomparess," today was a day to "let loose."

It started this morning when the lower portions of my anatomy seemed to turn to jelly.  I was intermittently OK and then making a mad dash to the bathroom.  I also had a nap this morning.

This afternoon my innards are at war with my outards.  I've had two very long naps, brief--very brief--stops at the computer (like this one, though I can tell I'm going to have to get up Very. Soon).

And then I'll spend some time sitting in the bathroom, which, I can tell you, is NOT the most pleasant place to read when your backside decides to explode.  It's not the most pleasant place to read under any circumstances, but trust me, this is one of those times when you just want to Get. Out. Of. There. as soon as is humanly possible.

Ashley wrote this morning and told me that Sydney, Rosie and Bruiser will be on display at the Farmers Market tonight and I wrote to Walt suggesting that we go there for dinner.  However, I quickly realized that going away from a bathroom for longer than 30 minutes is probably unwise.

So I'm sending him to the Farmers Market and asking him to say hi to the guys for me.  They may need a foster home next week, so I might see them again.  I dunno.

But for right now, I'm cutting this entry short because I think I need to visit the Stink Palace yet again.

By the way, I have a question to ask all you computer geeks.  This morning I downloaded a piece of music that I wanted to use in a slide show, but it's a protected .WMA file, so I can play it, but I can't burn it on a CD or use it in the slide show.  I know that previously I was able to convert it to a usable form, but I don't remember how I did it.  I know it's illegal, but it's an old, old song and I'm not mass producing it.  Any suggestions.

Now I'm off to the bathroom again...

And yes, I'm drinking lots of liquids.

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This picture is posted just because I can't stand to see the two columns mis-matched.  This is a ceramics store that we visited in North Beach on Sunday and I just thought it was kind of interesting.


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Took this at the Farmer's Market in Tahoe City

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