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22 June 2005

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Isn't this a beautiful mural?   This building is the women's center in the Mission District.  We passed by it yesterday, after having Mary's friend Steve recommend that we look at it.   It is supposed to depict the history of minority women in this country.

I  received a note from Sharon this morning.  She said, "I know you said you were not exhausted but I know you must have been...."

Well, I didn't think I was exhausted, but she must be right.  I collapsed today.  I really did nothing, which is why I'm posting pictures of a building we saw yesterday--there's nothing much to write about!

Actually, it wasn't that I did nothing.   I got the rental car back to Enterprise Rent-a-Car this morning (delighted to find that the "much more expensive" costs I thought I was paying was only a deposit and it actually cost a little less than I was expecting), and then came home to work on getting photos from the week organized.

I had taken Mary's pictures off of her disk so she would have more room for pictures for this week without having to buy a new (expensive) disk.  I wanted to get those burned onto a CD before I screwed up and lost them.  I had this nightmare that I would lose the only copies in existence of her vacation here!

But they got burned on the CD all right.  They are also still on my hard drive AND on my laptop, so I think we're covered.

I also thought that since the psychiatrist expects me to be gone all week (Mary and Sherry were supposed to be here right now, so I had told him that I would be unavailable for work until the end of the week), I decided I'd try to get a slide show done today.  Just sit here and work on it until I'd done it all.  I never have the freedom to do that.

Well, I decided to try a different program than I usually use.  I usually use Pictures to EXE, which has served me well for many years.  But I thought I'd try tvCD, which allows you to play slide shows both on your computer, and also on television.  It does some things that Pictures to EXE doesn't, and it doesn't do some things that Pictures to EXE does.   For example, with P-to-E, you can add several pieces of music as a soundtrack.   With tvCD, you can only use one.

So I worked for literally HOURS mixing my photos with Mary's with Phyllis' and with a couple that Michelle has posted so far.  I altered them, arranged them, made titles to add, and after every 5 photos or so, I saved the show so I wouldn't lose them.   Good Bev.  I was being good about backing up, for once!

When the show was finished, tvCD told me that it was 19 minutes long.  Since you can really only use one piece of music (because it drives me nuts when a piece repeats and repeats), I found something that was about 22 min. long to add.  But I had to copy it to my computer first.  It was going to take some time to rip.

OK--so while it was ripping, I went and took a nap.  I saw that the Sci Fi channel was broadcasting The Trouble with Tribbies and turned it on, but I was asleep almost instantly.  Didn't even see Cyrano Jones give a tribble to Uhura.

When I woke up and went to add my newly ripped soundtrack to my carefully saved slide show, I discovered that while the show was there, I could not call it up.  I could see the pictures one by one--some of them.  Others were blank.  But when I attempted to start the slide show, it would not.  I had lost all of the work I had spent all day doing!

The only lucky thing was that while I could not see the photos, I could see the LIST of photos, and so I could (somewhat) easily move them all into P-to-E and make a slide show there.  I still haven't chosen music (now that I can pick more than one piece), but the show is SAVED and will remain saved.   (I even made a slide show without sound just in case somehow this gets lost as well!)

So that's what I did all day.   I worked on a slide show and I slept.  And then I worked on the slide show some more and then took another nap.  And when dinner time came around, I reheated food from our week at Tahoe and then sat in a chair and watched "AFI's 100 top movie quotes."

Very definitely a day to "decompress"!

This was supposed to be Flickr's next "Day in the Life of..." project, but since I didn't do a damn thing, I decided to opt out of the fun this time.

But the mural on the building sure is pretty...

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