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21 June 2005

...come to an end.

My good thing came to an end this morning.  Sharon and I got up early and I went with her to breakfast in the hotel restaurant, the only slightly unpleasant experience we had at the Hotel Carlton.   We had to wait forever for our order to be taken and then forever for it to arrive...and Sharon had a shuttle to catch to the airport.

When they brought the bill, for the two of us they had automatically added a 20% tip, which I definitely would not have given for the rotten service.  But I didn't want to end the experience on a bad note, so I just paid it anyway.

Trying to check out of the hotel was a comedy of errors.  We had originally booked 3 rooms, you may recall, and then cancelled one when Tammy booked her own room.  But because of bed arrangements, we needed to switch rooms.  So Sherry and Mary had room 300 and the three of us had room 302.  Only the desk had them reversed.  The confusion started yesterday morning when Tammy went home and wanted to pay her 1/3 of the bill for the night.   And then I had made local calls logging onto the internet.

When we went to the desk, they tried to charge me for two nights in room 300 and Mary for phone calls.  So once again, we went over all the details with them and I think that we each ended up paying the right amount.

I then drove Mary and Sherry to their new hotel, but it was too early for them to check in, so they dropped off their lugagge and I drove them out to the Castro District.  They invited me to have lunch with them, but there was no parking to be had, so I just dropped them off at Harvey's restaurant and I came home myself.

You can tell it's Pride Week in San Francisco--Market Street is lined with rainbow flags from Castro Street all the way to the Embarcadero.

MintFlag.jpg (103943 bytes)
This rainbow flag flies on Market Street, in front of the U.S. Mint

I was going to stop at Ikea on the way home and check out CD bookcases for the family room, but got waylaid by Trader Joe's and after I'd shopped there, and purchased lots of frozen stuff, I figured I'd better get home ASAP, since it was an 80 mile drive with all the frozen food in the car.

Once home, I was finally able to do what I'd been wanting to do all week--look at all these photos I've been taking on a good screen.  They aren't half bad!

I also uploaded a selection of San Francisco photos and a selection of Lake Tahoe photos to Flickr.  This is only a sampling of what I took, thus far (I still have next weekend to go), but these are the ones that I like best.

The evening was passed starting to get caught up on all the TV  that was recorded on the DVR in my absence!


SFPanorama.jpg (79970 bytes)

Yesterday's view from Twin Peaks

festivalpan.jpg (142863 bytes)

A panorama of the Italian Festival we attended yesterday
(this is a teeny part of the crowd!)

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