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19 June 2005

Mel Brooks could not have scripted today better. Our arrival in San Francisco was a comedy of errors.

The day started with the coffee pot "exploding" (spilling coffee grounds all over the kitchen counter), which Sherry and I cleaned up. Then each of us had her own breakfast, after which Sherry and Mary cleaned up all the linens and went to town to the laundry.

Sharon, Phyllis, Michelle and I stayed home to pack and clean up and restore the furniture arrangement to its usual position (since we had moved a couch to allow for better "conversation" arrangement.

Phyllis and Michelle set off for the Reno airport while Sharon and I sat home waiting for the other two. It seemed to take forever, but eventually we were all squeezed back into the car again and headed out for Davis.

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Mary first asked to stop at the same souvenir store where we'd been three times because she was determined to get a pin for Sherry's hat. Sherry and I waited in the car for her and eventually Sharon returned, wearing a hat she had covted and had decided not to buy--but felt that it was an "omen" that she should get it.

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Mary was frustrated that she couldn't find what she wanted to directed us to meet her at another store, but she had no luck there either. Eventually, we got her in the car and started off, but I could tell she was unhappy, so when I spied a souvenir store with a parking place, I pulled in and we all went in for one last contribution to the Tahoe City economy.

Eventually we were on the road--finally--with a brief detour to loop through Squaw Valley to show those who missed it yesterday what it looked like.

There had been snow on the summit yesterday and the ski runs of Boreal Ridge, which had been bare when we drove up, were once again white and all the trees looked like they'd been dusted with powdered sugar. In June. Whoda thunk?

We made one gas/potty/chocolate stop in Auburn, but then nothing else until Davis, where we were dropping off all the perishables from the fridge at Tahoe. Walt will eat well for the next week. I also downloaded all the pix from the camera to free up space on the disk, so no photos for this entry, alas. The women also got to meet Sheila and Kimba and Sheila was thrilled when I gave her one of her treats from the doggie bakery in Truckee.

Things went fine until we got to Golden Gate Fields when all traffic came to a crawl and it appeared to last indefinitely. I attempted to cut over and use the frontage road, frequently the best option, but a woman yelled at us and tried to ram the car, so we stuck to the highway. I felt vindicated, however, when the frontage road clogged up and we went sailing by her car, stuck there in the traffic.

While we were in traffic, Mary decided to check on whether they could put a rollaway bed in our room. She had booked it for 2 people, but there were really going to be 5 and she was trying to figure out how to handle it.

The hotel told her they could not add a bed to the room. At the same time, Tammy, who was meeting us at the hotel, was on the cell phone to Sharon and we were trying to figure out what to do. I offered to spend the night at my mother's so the other four could share the two double beds, but Mary would hear none of that.

Finally Mary called the hotel back and booked a second room. "This will be non-refundable," she was told. She said that yes, she wanted a second room and booked it.

As she was hanging up the phone, Sharon's phone rang and it was Tammy calling to say SHE had booked a room and had already checked in. Now we had 5 people and THREE rooms, one of which we had just been told was non-refundable.

Mary called the hotel yet again and threw herself on their mercy. After many machinations, it appears that we have two rooms for 5 people and that will work out all right.

Through all this, Mary completely missed our crossing the Bay Bridge and she wasn't quite sure how we'd gotten into the city. Traffic was horrendous. Absolutely the worst I'd seen in a long time. When I headed for Larkin St., the best way to get to this hotel, it was blocked off and Mary suggested I stop and ask someone how we should go. I feel bad that I was pretty testy by then and not very kindly told her that I grew up in this town and knew how to find the hotel without help. I still feel guilty for speaking sharply, but an hour plus of bumper to bumper traffic following five hours of driving just made me not a very nice person.

But now we are at the hotel. Everyone is in the lobby having wine and I opted to stay in the room and write this entry. With luck I can post it now so I don't have to keep anybody awake after dark with my typing.

We met friends in town for dinner. Went to Margy's house at 17th and Noe, perused many take-out menus, then called in to a place called Eskew, where we ordered fantastic shishkabob, which we brought back to Margy's to eat. There were 9 of us all together, most of us meeting for the first time. Amazing group of women. We sat and talked and talked and talked until well past midnight.

Now, three of us are sharing a room and I must quickly post this so I don't keep my roommates awake.



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Our final Tahoe group shot

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