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17 June 2005

I think it's fair to say that the most common expression heard around here the past 3 days is "ouch."

Mary broke her toe a week before she left to come here. I stubbed my toe the day before and it turned purple and I don't know if I broke it or not. Sharon ran her toe into a chair yesterday and probably broke it as well as it has also turned purple.

With all these broken toes around, getting up and down stairs becomes a litany of "ow...ow....ow..." Then there are the number of times each of us has bumped our sore toes on table legs, chairs, walls, etc. We are a bunch of clutzes and we are paying the price.

But never let it be said that it kept us down. We started today by returning to the Boatworks, where we shopped and ate lunch yesterday. We pumped some more money into the Tahoe City economy and then drove a short way to Commons Beach, where there was a farmers market in full swing.

We wandered the stands (including the Davis Bakery...I came all this way to find Davis baked goods!) and decided that we would just each pick up some food and we'd sit at a picnic table and have lunch there by the lake.

We had an interesting assortment of food which included Indian samosas, nan bread spread with salmon pate, fresh fruit, candied almonds, and all washed down with fresh lemonade.

We watched toddlers play on the beach and took lots and lots of photos of them (love that 12x zoom). The others went looking for "goodies" at lakeside. Sharon filled her pockets with rocks and we accused her of attempting a Virginia Woolf impression (Woolf filled her pockets with rocks, walked into a stream, and drowned.)

The wind had come up, to put it mildly. It turned very cold very quickly so we packed up and then set out for Emerald Bay. Emerald Bay is probably the most familiar photo from the Lake Tahoe area and I couldn't let the gang leave without seeing it. But the wind was blowing so hard that when Michelle sat on a wall for a photo, Mary was afraid that she was going to blow away.

Mary and Sherry had been riding with me, while Michelle and Sharon had been riding in Phyllis' car, so we decided to switch for the drive back. We were listening to a CD and singing along and decided that "caraoke" is singing along with recordings while you are driving in your car. We have coined a new word.

We were back to the condo by 2 p.m. Some folks went to the hot tub, others sat and read or did more craft stuff. It was Sharon's night to cook and after we'd finished her delicious taco dinner with 9-fruit salad, we realized it was only 6 p.m., so Mary and Michelle decided they wanted to go to a casino.

We drove just over the state line and spent some time in the Crystal Bay Casino. I sat in the bar and sipped sparkling water until Michelle decided she wanted to learn how to play roulette. There was nobody at the table and Suzy, the croupier was very patient in teaching her to play, while I looked on. Mary was off on the electronic poker machines, where she eventually lost about $100. While we were waiting, Michelle and I went into the arcade and I watched her play video games and pin ball.

We finally convinced Mary it was time to leave but she wanted to try the Biltmore Hotel across the street. It turned out to be a good idea, as she won her money back there, after which we convinced her it was TIME TO LEAVE. Before that, Michelle tried a few slot machines and lost ninety cents, but she enjoyed herself. I, knowing that I have totally rotten gambling luck, wisely left all my money at home so I wouldn't even tempted.

The evening ended with watching The Day After Tomorrow on DVD and eating popcorn. Then Sharon headed downstairs to bed, saying "ouch...ouch...ouch..." on every step, while I hobbled into the living room to sit down and write this journal entry, carefully avoiding all the legs of all the chairs in my way.



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