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16 June 2005

We were all feeling more human after a night of sleep. We still had not been to the grocery store, so breakfast was (more) bagels with peanut butter (the only "spread" we could find in the house).

I played a little solitaire (just to keep tradition alive) while the others started to come to life. Then the crafting supplies came out and we were off on our crafting day.

We worked on projects until about 10:30, while Mary, the organized one, sat down to make up a schedule for what we would do about meals, who would buy what, etc. etc. etc. Very easy to tell that Mary is a retired kindergarten teacher! Our list even had to have a title, writ large in caligraphy!! When the list was done, we were off to Safeway to do a little shopping.

Before we shopped, however, we decided to check out the little Lakefront Mall, where there are lots of (high priced) craft and antique and gee-gaw stores. I bought neither gee nor gaw, but the others did their part to better the Tahoe City economy.

By 11:30, Jakes on the Lake was opened. This upscale restaurant has a deck that overlooks the lake and the weather could not have been more perfect, so we decided already to go off of Mary's carefully prepared list and have lunch at Jakes.

We all had a fabulous crab/shrimp concoction on sourdough with Provolone cheese melted on top. It was absolutely perfect. The bloody marys were a little too spicy and, for my taste, a bit too hard on the celery sweed, but still they hit the spot.

Now it was time to get groceries. We had decided that we would each take a cart and buy for our own meals. I had volunteered to do breakfast each day and the house was also getting low on things like toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, and some cleaning products, so I took on that part of the list.

By the time we got back to the condo, it looked like we were going to stay for 3 months instead of three days!

When the groceries were put away, Mary and Sherry decided to try out the pool, while Sharon and I stayed in the house (a) continuing our projects, and (b) waiting in case Michelle and Phyllis, who were driving in from the Reno airport, called.

They found the house without difficulty and within literally minutes of their arrival, their craft supplies came out and we were in a full frenzy of CRAFTING.

We are each creating scrapbooks about this trip, or of special quotes or whatever suits our fancy. There are also altered books projects to finish up. Basically we were just having fun trying out the supplies that the others brought, which we don't have in our own home.

Michelle and I decided to go out to get supplies we had forgotten--candles for the candle holders, and I was trying to find plain ol' dishtowels, since we don't seem to have any up here, so we left the others at the craft table and we drove back to town. On the way, we stopped at Commons Beach, so Michelle could walk down and have a good look at the lake.

By the time we returned, the craft supplies had magically disappeared and in their place was a table set for dinner. It was Mary and Sherry's night to cook and the plan had been to barbeque burgers, but the smoke from the BBQ on the balcony was bothering us, so Sherry finally decided to cook inside. Unfortunately we seem to be out of all condoments, so there was nothing to "juice up" the hamburgers with, but they were tasty nonetheless.

After dinner we sat around just chatting and sharing pieces of our lives. It was really another wonderful opportunity for female bonding. But eventually, we started dragging and the wimps have gone off to bed while I'm sitting here writing this journal entry and then I intend to collapse myself.

We haven't settled on what is happening tomorrow, but the day will start with my making eggs benedict. I just hope I can do as good a job of it as Walt and his brother do every morning-after-Thanksgiving.



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