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11 June 2005

marathon1.jpg (63168 bytes) I've always wondered how a couple of couch potatoes sired a jock.

Walt's not exactly a couch potato, but he also is no jock either.  He has biked to work ever since we moved to Davis, initially a ride of some 5 miles, and he bikes everywhere, but he's never been into any sort of formal sports, though he did play on an office softball team, briefly, when we were first married.  You won't find him on the golf course with other retirees.

As for ME, I'm taking some folks around San Francisco next weekend, and I'm wondering if I'll be able to walk the few blocks down Market Street from 5th St. to 1st St. and back again without collapsing.  Even in my "thin" (relatively speaking) days, I was never a jockette.  (Well, except for that one brief shining moment when I was a biker)


But along came Tom.  Tom was born to sports.  He must have his grandfather's genes.  My father, at one point thought he was going to become a physical education instructor and used to work out with weights at home, though never played team sports.

Tom absolutely loves sports.  He loves playing.  He loves watching.  And he's very good at anything he does. He also married a girl who is very into sports as well.   They were made for each other.

The other kids might occasionally play a game or watch a sport, but never with the passion that it has been for Tom his entire life.

David was also into sports and at one point got very serious about judo.   Who knows what David would have been like, had he lived.

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marathon3.jpg (33304 bytes) Two years ago, Tom's wife decided she was going to run the San Diego marathon.  She trained for months and, with Tom as her support team, she triumphantly completed the race.  While she didn't exactly become a compulsive marathon runner, she did decide to run the race again this year.

So this year Tom decided to run it with her.  They've been training for months and then, sadly, shortly before race day, Laurel injured herself while running and was unable to run the whole race, but she did complete the first half.

Tom went on without her.

The problem living so far away is that we weren't able to get to San Diego to cheer him on, but his aunt and her boyfriend were there.  They were able to meet Laurel at the halfway point and drive her to the finish, and then be there at the finish to cheer Tom when he crossed the finish line.

He was the 9,504th person to finish (out of 17,113) and finished in 5 hours six minutes 2 seconds.

The next day he wrote to tell us that "I wouldn't say I've recovered, but I am able to walk."

"Next stop: Mt Everest," he says.

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