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27 July 2005

No, the air conditioner did not fix itself while I was away, and I came home to predicted 105 temps today.  It will be a day to do not a lot but complain.  On top of that, the fan that sits here in my office has decided not to work either.  I have set up an appointment for August 2 to get the a/c fixed, but that's not going to help over the next few days.

I'm finally working on photos today.  And movies.  For those who doubt that Mary can actually juggle there is this movie, in .avi format, which is silent and shows Mary passing clubs with Robert:

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And then they offered Walt the chance to see how it all works, up close and personal:

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That Quicktime movie, with sound, can be found here.

MaryJoe.jpg (41268 bytes)I really liked this picture of Mary and "HerJoe."  This was taken near Bistrot du Coin, the restaurant where we ate on Friday night.  Mary posted her own photo of Walt and me, and also one of the two of us in this entry, so I won't do a duplicate posting.

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The dinner concluded with a fabulous creme brulee and I posted a photo for the Sec 16 group!

I also posted a collection of photos from my day at the Indian Museum with Mary here, especially the wood work of George Morrison and the sculpture of Alan Houser.


Hilton.jpg (53200 bytes) the Hilton Hotel in Gaithersburg, where you never, ever want to go.   Let's just hope that they become a bit more "patron-friendly" when their renovations are complete.

One of the nice things about being all together again, was how easily we fell into the old routines.  How many times I remember all of us getting together to prepare a meal.

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The nicest thing was just being all together.  I hadn't seen Laura in about 15 years, I hadn't seen Joe and Shirley in about 12 and hadn't seen Melody in 5, so we had lots to catch up on.

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Now back to normal around here.  Dealing with the heat, paying the bills, transcribing,  reviewing a show tonight, etc., etc., etc.  Life goes on.


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Finally!  The "chickenette juggling" photo!

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