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21 July 2005

There's a new 10 MB movie up, "The Last Day," which is militantly adorable, taken just a few minutes before Ashley picked the puppies up to take to their new interim home, along with their three siblings.  This movie shows Weasley playing with Sheila's feet and gives you an idea of how gentle and patient she was with them.

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Yesterday was the first day they spent completely outside.  From breakfast yesterday morning to breakfast this morning, they stayed outside.

I had to review a show last night (West Side Story) and considered bringing them inside while I was gone, but they were sleeping so soundly, and Kimba and Sheila had been leaving them alone, so I decided to chance it.

When I got home, the air was a little cool, but they were all curled up together on the blanket and I knew if I woke them up, they'd...well...wake up, so I left them there.  They didn't get up until nearly 7 a.m., by which time, of course, they were ravenous.

They polished off a huge breakfast and then went back to sleep, but I knew their time was short, so I opened the door and talked to them.  Instantly three heads picked up and they started waddling across the blanket to me.

I let them in the house and noted with some amusement how well they walked around.  When they first got here, a week ago, they could barely move at all.   Then they got to where they could kind of creep, on wobbily, bent legs.  Now they were standing tall and walking.

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Weasley is still the "crybaby."  He is also the only one who still wants to suck on my fingers, and even having finished this huge breakfast, he was frantically trying to get milk out of my finger.

So I played with them for a bit until Ashley showed up with Paul and his siblings (who are now called Dozer, Tsunami and Tank (I think "Paul" is Dozer).

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(I received e-mail from the foster family of the other pups with a link to some photos of that batch)

So I'm a little sad.  I'll miss them.  They were such sweeties, and younger than most that I've given up--their teeth weren't even in completely.   But I'm going off to San Francisco for lunch, and before I go I need to clean up the mess on the patio, and that will help significantly in getting me past the pain of loss!!!


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