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31 January 2005

My babies are waking up.

Up to now they pretty much acted like newborns--they slept, they woke, they ate, they slept again.

But in the last couple of days, right after they started wagging their tails when eating, they have started actually being more active.  They are starting to walk upright on their legs, they walk faster, they can sit up.  (Gawd this sounds so like a new mother!)

Friday I noticed that they seemed to be tentatively playing with each other.  It was more pronounced on Saturday.  They were fed, their cage was clean, but they were awake.  After yelping for awhile because they didn't know what to do when they weren't eating or sleeping (the puppy equivalent of "Mom, I'm bored"), I noticed that they were tentatively playing with each other, one would bat at the other one and then they'd tumble over together.  It's all very new for them and they aren't sure what they're doing, but they're doing it.

With this newfound alertness comes an awareness that when people on two legs walk by they are supposed to pick me up, dammit!  If they see me anywhere, they immediately rush to the door of the cage and start yelling for me to come and let them out.

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Saturday I gave them their first bath.  The combination of continuously spilled milk and the puppy pee they continually seem to be lying in has caused them to lose that sweet puppy smell, so I hauled out the baby shampoo, put a little bit of warm water in the sink and started bathing them. 

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The hardest part was keeping their heads up, because of course they wanted to stick their heads in the water to check it out.  But I did manage to get them shampooed...a bit...and then it was off to the bathroom for a blow dry.

BlowDry.jpg (36531 bytes)

Notice that everything is tolerated as long as there is something in the mouth on which to suck!

Note also that my hand has numerous blemishes on it--they have all come from puppy fingernails.  My "nursing finger" is hurting so much I actually started wrapping each puppy's right foot in a towel while feeding them so they can't hook their claw into me any more.

Of course, just seconds after this picture was taken and Leo was all nice and clean and fluffy, I had to feed him and his chest was soaked with milk again--but he was clean and sweet smelling for the length of time it took me to walk from the bathroom to the family room.

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Jed gets wrapped up in a towel to dry off.

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