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These guys are using MY bed!

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28 January 2005

Ned was here yesterday to meet the puppies and I was able to get behind the camera, instead of directing Walt how to take pictures while I'm holding the puppies, so I thought I would make this a "puppy scrapbook" (are you sick of hearing about these puppies yet??)

LeoNed.jpg (71480 bytes)

Leo sucks Ned's finger

TobyNed.jpg (62383 bytes)

Ned meets Toby

JedBed.jpg (54012 bytes)

Jed is starting to climb out of Sheila's bed (their "playpen")

JedBark.jpg (56483 bytes)

Toby has learned how to bark---very well!!
(note the teeth buds down below)

JedSleep.jpg (71152 bytes)

Toby likes to sleep on his back

They've now been here one week.  I swear Jed and Toby have doubled in size.  Leo is the smallest of the lot and eats about half as much as the other two.   They are starting to walk, they know when I'm nearby and all waddle to the cage door when they see me walk by.  I've started putting them in Sheila's bed part of the time when I'm changing their bed--and if they fall asleep in there, I leave them there.   Toby nearly climbed out of the thing the other day, but fortunately the sides are too slick for him to get a "toe hold."

I promise I will NOT discuss the puppies tomorrow!

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Leo.jpg (54958 bytes)

My favorite picture to date!
(note those extra sharp claws that like to dig into my thumb!)

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