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Kimba's real excited about the upcoming ceremonies too.

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19 January 2005

Your president has justified spending $40 million for his upcoming coronation by saying that inaugural festivities are a traditional treat for the American people, and hang the fact that we are trillions of dollars in debt, that our soldiers have to have their mothers send them protective gear and they have to raid garbage dumps to get protection for their vehicles.

The American people want glitz and glamour when they crown their new king, His Bushness postulates.


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I just saw a "presidential inauguration" package at some place in Washington, DC, where for a mere $250,000 you can get a suite, fancy clothes, and transportation to and from the coronation ball of your choice (assuming, of course, that you have paid the thousands of dollars to get in to one of those balls.)

Just what the average American citizen is jonesing for, I'm sure.

I think more likely the average American citizen is like the people who turn up on Jay Leno's "Jaywalking" segments, who are totally oblivious to what is coming up on the 20th of January.

Your president is apparently unaware (is that an oxymoron?) that during wartime past presidents FDR and Woodrow Wilson did not hold inaugural ceremonials because of the cost and the mood of the country.

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I am thinking of the  scene in Fahrenheit 911 which showed the president's car being pelted with eggs and rotten fruit on his way to his last coronation.  The news media did not report that the president couldn't walk to his coronation because of the angry mobs protesting his appointment as king.

I'm thinking that if there is a repeat of that event this year (as is very likely), we again will have no media coverage of it.  I hope Michael Moore's camera crew is around to record the truth for the rest of us.

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There is a movement which has been circulating around the internet that this be named "not one damn dime" day, where nobody will spend a penny in protest over the election and the coronation.

I don't think that protests like this even make a blip on the radar screen and even if they do, since your president has admitted he doesn't read the newspapers, he'll probably never know.  Or care.

But even if I don't think it will have any effect whatsoever, I won't spend a damn dime on this date.  I will stay home and watch anything on television that does not originate in Washington D.C.  I have absolutely no desire to watch this man be handed another four years in which to screw up this country.

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