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12 January 2005

Forget the tsunami.

Forget the war in Iraq.

Forget the declining economy.

Forget poverty, homelessness, the privitization of Social Security...

Let's talk about the real issue of the day --

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are splitting up!

My God--can the world survive this blow?

Where is the Department of Hollywood Marriage Security?

Does this comply with the sanctity of marriage rules?

I haven't seen this much hoopla since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez called it quits or Tom Cruz and Nicole Kidman decided to divorce.

Inside Hollywood is the show that (now) comes on between Wheel of Fortune and whatever starts the evening television shows at 8 p.m., so it's usually on in the background while I'm making dinner.  (God forbid I should actually turn the television off, of course.)

Last night they devoted the entire show to a Special Edition examining the break-up of the marriage of Brad and Jen.  They did an entire photo history of their relationship and how maybe this or that photo was a hint that all was not well, zooming in on hands in public appearances that were not wearing wedding rings.  Was that a sign?

They gave a tour of the mansion they shared on vacation with Courtney Cox and David Arquette right before the announcement of the split, showing the bedrooms, the nursery, the grounds and speculated on what might have gone on in that house during the holiday.

They interviewed Matt LeBlanc on the Joey set to ask what he thought about it (he smoothly dodged the question)

It was when they got to a discussion of their finances, how much they earn each year, and how the money is likely to be split up when/if they actually divorce that I finally reached my disgust limit and changed the channel.

All news programs, local and national, early or late, had a big report on the break-up.

Did Brad have a fling with Angelina Jolie while making his latest film or not?

Does Jennifer want kids or not?

They showed an interview with Brad Pitt where he was asked about having kids and he was seen with tears in his eyes, having difficulty speaking.

Now this morning, I turn on the Today Show and there is another long segment on the big Brad/Jen split, complete with speculation, running pictures of their last days before the announcement, looking loving and speculating about whether they were posing for paparrazi or not.  When the Today Show went into its late hour, there was another segment, this time with interviews with people who could speculate on what might have happened and what might happen now.

Do I care?  Do I really care?  Is this really something that I need to know?  Is it important to my happiness to know? 

It boggles my mind that people are so obsessed with celebrities that every single breath they take is examined under a very public microscope.

It's amazing that any Hollywood relationship lasts at all.  I can't even begin to imagine what it's like to live with every. single. thing. you. do. being a subject of discussion in the news media or in the tabloids, where you can't go to the supermarket without someone snapping your picture.

The couple apparently flew into some airport where they took the plane into a hangar where two limousines were waiting . They closed the doors to the hangar and opened them again when the limousines left.

What a horrible way to live.

There isn't enough money to make me want that sort of life.

I don't know what's going on with Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston and I just plain don't care.  But it's obvious that two human beings are in pain and it can't be easier having to do whatever they feel they must do while the entire world is aiming a camera in their direction, waiting to catch a grimace, a gleaming tear, an inappropriate sigh.

They may be the richest stars in Hollywood, but I wouldn't trade my life for theirs for all of their money.

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