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28 February 2005

And just to prove I have no life, I'll take the quiz that Inkblot Momma made up.  But before I do, in case you're too bored to make it to the bottom, I've been working on a site at Flickr, another photo display site.  This one is cool, tho, because you can group your photos into sets and each set can be seen as a slide show.  I'm kind of pleased with the results.

Now onto the quiz.

1) What's you middle name?

2) High School bully you can't forget?
We went to Catholic high school.  We weren't allowed to have bullies.

3) Were you prom queen or king?
Heavens, no.  I was the Wallflower, the person sitting on the side, desperately hoping someone would ask me to dance, and terrified that someone would ask me to dance.

4) Pancakes or waffles?
Pancakes...mmmmmmm.  Lots of butter.  Log Cabin Maple syrup.

5) First celebrity crush?
Judy Garland (but you knew that already, right?).  Actually, my mother told me once that it was really Irene Dunn, but I don't remember that.

6) Make up: Joan Collins or Christie Brinkley?
Well, I don't wear makeup, but if I had to choose, Christie Brinkley--Joan Collins looks like Frank-N-Furter.

7) Do you now or have you ever owned a pair of Jordache jeans?
The question is have you ever owned any jeans!  I probably did as a kid, but not in a bazillion years (and not Jordache either!).

8) Ever won an athletic competition?
Surely you jest.  I thought I was doing good to get one a t-shirt for participation in the bike ride that ended my budding biking career.

9) New York or San Francisco?
Obviously San Francisco.  My kinda town.  New York is too big, too crowded, too noisy, too oppressive and it doesn't have as many terrific views as San Francisco does.   I'm too old to learn to love New York.

10) Plaid or paisley?
Neither.  Plaid makes me look even fatter, and wearing paisley is my idea of dying and going to hell.

11) Can you cook? What's your specialty?
Yes, I can cook.  "Something with chicken in it" is my real specialty, but I'm a good cook.  I'm not afraid to attempt any recipe.  I used to make a wild 7-course Chinese meal that I learned from taking a class with Martin Yan.  My current favorite "fancy" think to cook is a nice chicken curry, with my own blend of spices, not using curry powder.

12) Do you shave above the knee?
I don't grow hair on my legs.  I don't know why, but I haven't in many years.   It's an oddity that I have never been sad about!

13) Michael Jackson: disturbed predator or grossly misunderstood?
Good lord who knows?  I'd like to think he's as innocent as he (and all his Hollywood friends) claim, but I haven't seen the evidence, so can't formulate an opinion.  (I suppose I'd make a good juror; thank goodness I don't live in Santa Barbara!)

14) Prominent movie from your childhood?
"A Star Is Born," of course.  If you want to go back farther  than 10 (the age I was when I saw "Star" for the first time), probably "Bambi."  A schlocky old movie based on the old "Queen for a Day" TV show gave me nightmares for months, fearing that I would contract polio.

15) In an ideal world, I would look like...
...I did before one of the times that I gained back all my weight.

16) Thank God I do NOT look like...
George Bush

17) My secret passion is...
Peanut butter

18) My archenemy is...
My own lack of willpower

19) If I had to lose one of my senses it would be...
Taste.  Maybe then I'd actually be able to lose weight and keep it off!

20) This quiz...
Was fun.

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Taken by my friend Diana,
at a wetlands north of Lake Washington

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