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23 February 2005

When you live together nearly 40 years, communication becomes a lot more cryptic.  A lot less needs to be said.   A lot is understood without having to go into a great deal of extraneous conversation.  You speak in "shorthand."

Thus it was that we were sitting at our favorite sushi restaurant one night shortly before the puppies left.   We had been discussing the puppies and the puddles they made on the rug in the family room when I let them out, which Walt diligently covered with baking soda to remove the smell.

I had suggested earlier that since the rug, which was "used" when we got it 25 years ago, that maybe after the puppies were gone, we think about getting a new rug in there.  He agreed that this was probably a good idea.

Excited at the prospect of getting a new rug, I was talking about how after the puppies went, I'd like to move all of the furniture out of the family room, take up the rug, give the floor a good scrub, and then replace it with a new rug and new rug pad.

"I think what's under the red rug is the diaper rash water," I said.

Walt didn't even blink.   He didn't need to.  He knew instantly what I meant, though I'd love to know what might be going on in the mind of someone who might be eavesdropping on our conversation.

It was years ago that the diaper rash water acquired its name.  It was when the kids were toddlers and we used to get together with all of our friends from our days at Newman Hall and all the kids would play together.  One of the families had a rug which was kind of a gold color--I don't even remember it exactly now, I haven't seen it in so long.  One of the kids decided that the rug looked like "diaper rash water."  I really don't know where he came up with that idea--or what precisely "diaper rash water" was supposed to be, but the ultimate punishment for the kids, then, was to be pushed onto the diaper rash water.

I don't even remember now how we happened to GET the diaper rash water ourselves.  Probably someone was getting a new rug and getting rid of the old one and since our house has usually been furnished with everybody else's hand-me-downs, we said we'd be glad to take the rug off their hands.

So the diaper rash water was our family room rug for awhile, but it was not exactly in the best condition and when my stepfather offered us a rug that he had removed from one of the stores that he was remodeling, we were happy to have a new look in the family room.  But we never bought a rug pad for it; instead we just put the new rug down on top of the diaper rash water and there it has remained lo these many years.

But now it was time to get rid of both the rug from my stepfather and the diaper rash water (and the indoor-outdoor carpeting under the two of them).

Today was the day Walt started measuring the family room area and we started talking about how the rug would go in.   We were  going to go look at rugs this afternoon.  The "family room" is actually half of the family room--the other half is the eating area and the two areas are separated by chairs, with a rug on the "family room" side and linoleum on the eating area side.

But as we discussed this new rug, which would be slightly smaller than the remnant that is in there now, the project mushroomed, like those "let's just paint this wall" projects do.  Within about 15 minutes, we had gone from getting a 9x12 rug to doing wall to wall carpeting of the entire room (15x22).  THAT means removing a ton or more of furniture and junk.   I groan to think of that part of the project, but if we're taking everything out to lay carpeting, why not repaint?  And if everything is gone out of the room, why not look at how we might rearrange things so that it's more open and looks better....?

I suggested to Walt that we think about redoing the family room as our gift to each other for our 40th anniversary, which is coming up in June, and I suggested that we make June the target date.  It means starting now to move things out of the room--with luck we might be able to get that phase finished in a week or two (trust me--there's a LOT) and then starting from scratch with an empty room, figure out what to put back...and where...and how to make it look more coordinated and less thrown together.

I'm very excited. 

And I owe it all to puppy poop!

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This is what we're facing...moving it all out and then back in again!

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