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22 February 2005

It was a dark and stormy afternoon.

Actually, the rain hadn't started falling yet, but the skies were ominous.  I had been transcribing until an emergency alert skreetched across the television warning of possible tornadoes in Sacramento, Solano and Yolo Counties.  We live in Yolo County.  They felt that should a tornado touch down, it would be about 10 miles from where we are, so I wasn't really worried, but watched the skies get darker.

Walt was outside cleaning up limbs from trees and bushes he'd been trimming.

There several booms of heavy thunder rolling off in the distance and my computer suddenly rebooted.  I decided that I'd better shut down the computer until the storm passed, or at least until the tornado warning was lifted.

There is lots to do around here (surprise, surprise) so I was out in the kitchen trying to find the counter.

Suddenly Walt began yelling for me....his "this is a serious emergency" yell.

He said that Sheila had gotten out while he was moving branches outside and she wasn't coming to him.  She was halfway down the block, having a marvelous time, by the time I got to the sidewalk.

OK.  Time to see how well she's learned her lessons. 

"Sheila!" I called, trying to make my voice sound like fun.  Her head snapped up and she looked at me.

"Come on, Sheila" I said, brightly, running in the opposite direction as if it were a game.

Miracle of miracles, Sheila whirled around and came running toward me full force.

I was very pleased.  By god she has learned something.  I intended to run her right into the house to get a treat when she got to the driveway and continued running without even batting an eyelash.

I ran into the house, got the car keys and my driver's license and took off looking for her.  I figured she'd follow the route we always take to the park and so I drove that way. 

Not a sign of Sheila.

When I got to the park, I realized I was still wearing  my slippers and couldn't really walk into the park, so I came home, put on shoes and went back again.  By now Sheila had a good 5-10 minute head start and she could be anywhere.

It's amazing what adrenalin does to even a body like mine.  I was able to hurry into the park, climb a small hill, rush back to the car, get in and out of the car at several spots, and I never got winded.

I also didn't find Sheila.

Walt came up on his bike.   He had one leash, I had the other and we decided to go in opposite directions.    I tried to think like Sheila and go to all the places she tries to go, but can't because she's on a leash--like that fun overpass that always has dogs on it.  I was convinced she thought there was a doggie manufacturing machine on the other side of the overpass, so I went down to the greenbelt and drove along it, getting out several places to see if I could see her.  I stopped kids to ask if they'd seen a dog.

No Sheila. 

I knew there was no point in looking thoroughly anywhere that there was someone walking a dog because if Sheila were there, she'd be trying to play with the dog.

I finally decided to drive back home to see if Walt had any luck.  When passing by the high school, I could see a black smudge off in the distance with some kids who were playing ball.  My damned eyes weren't good enough to see whether it was somebody's jacket or Sheila, but since I looked at it for a few minutes and it didn't move, I figured it probably wasn't Sheila.

So I drove back home to see if Walt's bike were there.  He was standing in the driveway and signaled to me that she was home.  I heaved a sign of relief and pulled into the driveway.

I asked him where he'd found her and he said that by the time he got to the house on his bike, she was just sitting here waiting for him.

Well--at least she came back.   He had tried to call me on my cell phone, but the batteries were dead.

I told Sheila how wonderful she was for coming home and I gave her a nice couple of dog cookies and suppressed the urge to scream at her for leaving home in the first place!

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I never in my wildest dreams thought I could have any non-negative feelings about the man in the White House, but I have to admit that I am angry with the so-called "friend" who secretly taped his conversations and has now made them public.   Pandionna has a good entry about it.  I agree with her.  And yes, he's still not my president and I still think he's a disaster as ruler of this country, but even he didn't deserve to be turned on by someone he considered a friend.


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(photo by Peggy)

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