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10 February 2005

There's nothing that helps more in getting past the grief of seeing your babies being taken off to a new home than spending an hour scrubbing puppy remains off the kitchen floor--urine stains, puppy mash crumbs, newspapers pasted on with bits of poop.  Such fun.

Normally a Swifter wet mop is what I use on the floor, so I was out of the heavy duty cleaning supplies and I used up nearly a package of swifter pads, half a bottle of some "miracle cleaner"-that-wasn't and a good portion of a roll of paper towels getting all the spots and other yuck off the floor. I am hampered by the fact that I can't get down on my knees any more so using elbow grease and just scrubbing it on my hands and knees with a stuff brush wasn't possible. 

But it's looking passable again and you'd hardly know that we just spent four weeks with three cute little puppies.

Next was finally working on cleaning the upholstery to my recliner.  Even with all the towels I used when feeding the puppies, a lot of milk slopped onto the chair and it's pretty grungy, so I worked on getting that scrubbed and back to some semblance of acceptable.

And I took a look at the work that I've been letting slide while concentrating on the puppies.  Too much back transcription that I didn't get to in a "timely manner" because I was either feeding or picking up puppy poop, or just playing with them.

So it all helps in getting back to normal again.

I attended an SPCA meeting to discuss the group's web site last night.  I may be doing some work on the site, which would be a concrete way I could help with the group doing something I know about.

Ashley was at the meeting and reported that the puppies had made the transition to their new home very well, were now playing with their two sisters again and that when the five of them had been released into their new grassy enclosure, they looked as if they couldn't believe it, having all that room to run around in.  It makes me happy to think of them being able to explore new things...and pooping in someone else's  place!

This is a good week for them to be gone because it's a busy one for me.  There is a show to review tonight, which is going to be interesting because I don't know anything about the artist or exactly what he does

Tomorrow night I must get to a rehearsal for Rocky Horror, about which I am writing a feature article.  I had a good interview with the director, which I still have to transcribe, and must now interview some of the performers in order to put together this article.  I calculated awhile back that by the time I do an interview of a director, attend one or two rehearsals and interview performers, transcribe the recording and write the article, if I were to charge by the hour, what I would be earning for a feature article would be about fifty cents an hour, if that.   You've gotta do stuff like this because you enjoy it, certainly not because of what you get paid!

And in between the interviews, there is always the transcription, always sorely behind because I have perfected the art of procrastination.

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I'm sorry "tiff" didn't leave his/her email address after adding a note in my guestbook.  The point of yesterday's comments was to say that the group which presented the information on Merck pointed out that there were no easy answers.   In fact, I came away with a renewed sensitivity for the difficulty the pharmaceutical industry faces in cases like this.  One of the students was a pharmacist for several years and talked about the passion that most of his fellow pharmacists had for helping people. 


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One last puppy picture--all 3 of them are in
this picture, but Toby's head is nearly completely
covered by Jed's head.

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