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8 February 2005

A crisis of sorts developed yesterday.  When I realized that nobody was going to be home on Monday, I contacted the SPCA to ask that the puppies be picked up a day early, since there would be nobody here to feed them.

Unfortunately, it was a harried week for Ashley too, and it was a couple of days before I heard back from her.  She was going to try to find someone, and would call me when arrangements had been made.

I waited through the SuperBowl (yay, Patriots!) and still hadn't heard from someone, so I called again, leaving a message on Ashley's voice mail.

The more I thought about it, the more it seemed do-able, that we could keep the puppies another day, since it seemed like it was becoming a hassle to find someone to take them a day early.

They are only eating three times a day now and if I fed them before we left, and our wonderful dogsitter, Jessica, came in to feed them sometime during the middle of the day, Walt would be home around 6 and could feed them at night.  It would work.

So I called Jessica and booked her to come in and feed them, then I left a message for Ashley again, telling her that I'd taken care of things and she could pick them up on Tuesday and that I'd be home by noon.

It appears we have one more day with the puppies.

Which is good because before they leave, I want to give them a bath and change their bedding, but they had a big run out in the back yard today and have been zonked all day, waking just to eat and sleep and get a little cuddling, and then heading back to the cage to go to sleep.  I hate to disturb them to give them a bath.

They had a good time in the yard, though.  Walt, who has been getting more and more bonded with them, lay down on the grass and let them crawl all over him.  I think they thought his beard was another dog.

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To my great surprise, in the evening, Walt came in to tell me that he'd figured out how we could set things up better "next time," so that the puppies could have a nice run but wouldn't be so much in the way!

So I guess we are thinking in terms of "next time." 

But not right away, thank you.

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One last playtime with the puppies


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