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Great.  Now they're bothering me outside too.

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6 February 2005

Outside.  The puppies have been outside.

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Getting them outside was quite a process.  I couldn't carry all three, so I took them one at a time, and then had to watch Sheila while I went back for the others.  It turns out she was really pretty good with them.

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I could really see her herding abilities, though.  The puppies were everywhere and she was in among them all the time, leaping up in the air to avoid stepping on them.

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For the puppies' part, they suddenly had this tall dog around them and they were starting to figure out what tall dogs are for.  They all kept trying to get under her and reach up.  Apparently even having been "nursed" by me for 3 weeks hasn't made them forget Mom.

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Sheila wasn't really having any of it, though.  She'd take it for a couple of seconds while they circled around under her, and then she'd leap up in the air and run away, coming back to paw at them.  I realized that she really couldn't be left alone with them.  She's really too rough.  But with me around to supervise, she was gentle most of the time.

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They seemed to have a good time outside, but started whining, so I brought them back in.  Then there was a big problem:  They had suddenly discovered that the world was bigger than the kitchen!

The first thing that happened was Toby found the small space between Sheila's bed and the hall and next thing I knew Toby was in the family room.  I found a big towel and stuffed up the hole, and he then tried to climb the cabinet doors because he knew that there was some way to get out if he could just find the hole again.

At the same time,  Jed ran into the cage and started climbing up the wires at the back of it, which look out onto the family room.  He could come and go from the cage, but he just wanted out into the family room.

And then Leo started investigating a hole under the kitchen counter.   I had to go find more towels. 

Eventually, they polished off a cup of puppy mash (or what they didn't mash into the floor, that is) and settled down for a nap.  It's only a matter of time before I have to find more sophisticated means of keeping them in the kitchen for the last few days they are here. 

When they leave here, they go to a place which has more room for them to roam around, and I think they are getting big enough that they really need that.

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....with puppies!


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