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4 February 2005

My instructions for how to introduce solid foods for these guys was very specific.  Ashley had brought some Eukanuba puppy mash, which has the consistency of sawdust.  I was to mix a bit with formula, making it really soupy to start and feed it to them when I knew they were hungry, before I gave them the regular formula.

She carefully explained that some puppies take to it right away, but that they'd probably walk around in it and then lick it off their paws and eventually decide that it tastes OK and start eating it.

When they woke up, I mixed up some mash, following directions, making it kind of soupy.  I used 1/2 cup of water with formula and then mixed the mash into it.  It seemed like an awful lot, but I decided I'd see what happened.

Well, you'd think these guys had been standing in line at Mash-in-the-Box waiting for service for three weeks the way they took to this stuff. 

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Not surprisingly, Leo was the first one who discovered it and he literally dived in, lapping it up like he'd been doing it all of his short life.  In seconds, the other two were at the plate and all three lapped and lapped and lapped.  They also walked around in it and made a total mess of the floor, but by the time they finally stopped eating, not only was the pan licked clean, but they were eating the dropped bits off of the floor.

Then they all crawled into their cage and passed out.  It looked like the end of a frat party!

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I don't think we're going to have ANY problem weaning them off of formula and onto solid food!  I feed them in a large pie pan and they use the bulldozer method.  They plant their paws in the food and kind of slide across to the other side of the pan, eating as they go.  It's effective, if messy!

mess.jpg (30351 bytes)
(the pan was full when they started)

I also "stole" a toy from Sheila.  It was actually one I hadn't given to her yet...I was saving it for a time when she needed a new toy.  It's just kind of an amorphous shaped white fuzzy thing that squeaks.  I decided that it was big enough the puppies could cuddle up onto it, since they'd been going after my slippers and obviously wanted "mom."   Well, lemme tell ya--those guys glommed onto that toy as if they hadn't seen another dog in months.  They all fell asleep kneading the hide of the toy, blissfully happy.

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Later in the evening, Ashley called with some bad news and a caution...two of the puppies' siblings, being cared for somewhere else, died suddenly in their sleep.  She said she doesn't know if it was something in the house itself or some problem with the puppies, but she warned me to be sure that the puppies are getting enough to eat.  At that time they had had two mash meals, but before I put them to bed for the night, I made sure that they had their normal formula feeding so I would know they had full tummies to last them until morning.

Now I'm going to be worried that something is going to happen to these guys too.  I can't imagine going to the cage and discovering that one of my babies had just slipped away!

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