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3 February 2005

I knew it was a bad sign when I put down a saucer of milk and Leo drank it like he'd been doing it all his young life.   It was a sign that the end was coming.

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Now that the puppies are sleeping longer and eating less, it seemed cruel to keep them caged up all the time.   I also know that I don't have any place, really, where they can run free all day.   I knew that they were going to have to leave soon.

But in the meantime I could enjoy their newfound abilities.  I set up the kitchen as a temporary dog run, blocking off all escape routes, putting down a sheet to sop up the puppy urine (and the milky feet!) and just left the cage door open so they could go in and out as they pleased.  

I took lots of photos and finally got down and sat on the floor with them.  They will let Nancy pick them up, or Walt pick them up and they'll calm down instantly...

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Toby is Walt's favorite

...but my smell they identify with FOOD, so as soon as I sat on the floor, I was covered in puppies.

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(I was sorry Walt had gone upstairs when I had three puppies in my lap and Sheila lying down next to me, letting them climb over her!)

I knew it wasn't time for them to eat, so I didn't rush to feed them, but they did sniff around and discover my fuzzy slippers.  Obviously this was "MOM."  It smelled like the person who feeds them, and it had nice a nice warm furry texture, so they all snuggled right up to my feet.

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Jed tried to find the spigot, but he eventually just gave up and lay there with a sigh, knowing that he had finally come "home."

It seems like they are just growing and maturing exponentially now.   It's like every time they go to sleep, when they wake up they are "older."  Yesterday they couldn't walk upright on the linoleum.  Today they are scampering across the floor and jumping on each other.  This morning all they could do was whine, this afternoon they are starting to bark.  Leo and Jed even growled at each other when they were playing.

I finally put down a sheet on the floor to help sop up the puppy pee and decided to just leave the kitchen as a "puppy run" until it's time for them to move on.

Ashley came in the afternoon, bringing more formula (these guys have scarfed down the last can in nothing flat) and some "mash" which I'll start mixing for them, their "interim food," on their way to being able to eat grown up dog food.  She set the date for their departure as Monday, so I'll have them another week, which doesn't upset me at all (though you will be subjected to more puppy entries than I originally thought!).  They are just now getting so cute and I'd really like to keep them a little longer.

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(well, the puppies are cuddly!)


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Jed and Toby

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