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2 February 2005

Sunday night the puppies slept ten hours.  I even woke up before they did and was able to check e-mail, make coffee and mix up a batch of formula before the first one woke up.  Then, of course, they all woke up ravenous.  They each had more formula than they usually do at a feeding and I finished feeding all three in 15 minutes, where it usually takes me half an hour (or more) to feed them less.  But they gobbled it right up.

Then, since they are all getting older and since they had just slept 10 hours, they were all fed and awake and complaining loudly about it.  They wanted OUT of their cage.  I decided to give them a try in the kitchen.

Now, our kitchen has no door in it.  There is a doorway by the refrigerator and a space leading into the family room, but no door, so I moved Sheila's bed to close off one of the openings and put the cage and a bin of some sort to close off the other and just opened the cage door to see what they'd do.

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It was so funny because their feet kept slipping on the smooth linoleum and they yapped the whole time, but they did investigate a lot of the kitchen, while I was able to change the bedding in their cage. 

I was wearing my fuzzy slippers at the time (the kind that are made of rabbit hide and rabbit fur or something) and after about 10 minutes, Toby came over and started sniffing at my slipper and next thing I knew, he had laid his head on the slipper and fell asleep.  Soon the other two came over and joined him and I decided they had enough of playtime and were ready to go back to sleep again.  But it was fun watching them explore the world a bit for the first time.

Later, my friend Nancy came for lunch.  She really wanted to see the puppies, so I invited her to lunch while she was here.  It was only 2 hours since the puppies had been fed, but Leo set up such a noise and absolutely would NOT be comforted for anything.  The other two sent back to sleep, but Leo just kept clawing at the cage trying to get out. 

I told Nancy that I was sure he wasn't hungry, so she picked him up to give him a cuddle and let him suck on her fingers.  That's what he needed--a pacifier.  He went right back to sleep again.

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As Nancy and I sat there talking, Jed and Toby woke up and started tentatively playing with each other.  Tails wagging upright in the air (for the first time), batting at each other, and rolling over on top of each other like puppies do when they are playing.  So cute.  They really are becoming little dogs now, not the little blobs they were when they arrived.

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After Nancy left, I fed the puppies again, saving Jed, my favorite, for the last.  When he was finished eating and had fallen asleep in my lap, I sat there stroking his head and surprised at how easily the tears flowed when I thought about giving him up.  No, I won't volunteer to keep him (even if the SPCA would let me).   It's not fair to Sheila and I'm not in the market for another dog, but I sure am going to miss that little guy.

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