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31 December 2005

I was trying to come up with something appropriate for the last entry of the year.  I do keep some ideas hanging around for those times when I have done nothing but sit on my backside all day.  So I was going  through that and came to this questionnaire which I picked up from Heather at, which I see is now password protected, so I don't know how long it was ago that I found the list, but it appears to be a list of "lasts," and if there was anything more appropriate for a "last entry of the year," I don't know what is!

So let's give it a go...

Last CD/vinyl/tape you purchased:

I bought a copy of the soundtrack to A Charlie Brown Christmas because I wanted to use some of the music as background for a video I was making about the Christmas party we attended at my boss's house (with all those Peanuts characters)

Last music you listened to:

Well, at this time of the year, it's fairly logical to say that the last music I listened to was Christmas music.  I can't remember the specific piece(s), however.

Last show you went to:

On stage, that would be Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol, which I reviewed.   (I've started a review blog--in addition to everything else!)

Last thing you watched on television:

As of this writing, the last thing I watched on television was Mrs. Brown, the movie with Judi Dench and Billy Connolly.  The thing that surprised me was finding Geoffrey Palmer, Judi Dench's co-star in As Time Goes By in the meaty role of Queen Victoria's chief of staff.  You had to look hard to see him under that beard, but the voice was unmistakable!

Last thing you ate:

Turkey!  Walt is out of town, visiting his mother in Santa Barbara, and I've been "picking" on Christmas leftovers since he's been gone.

Last item of clothing you bought:

This would ordinarily be a difficult question to answer, since I buy clothes so seldom, but I did splurge on a pair of nice pink pajamas with a doggie print on them because my old pajamas are becoming threadbare.

Last thing you said:

Will you please GET OFF MY FEET!!!!  (I think I have said that several hundred times to the dogs since Walt left!)

Last person you saw:

Well, I've been in the house for several days, now, with no car, and with rain outside, so I think the last person I saw has to have been Walt when he left on Tuesday.

Last time you felt scared:

I almost always feel some degree of fear when I'm riding in the car on the freeway, so probably it would have been on the ride home from Ned's house right before Christmas.

Last time you cried:

Yesterday, when I was so frustrated trying to get the television to work after the VHS/DVD player went black.

Last time you said you were sorry:

I got miffed with a friend for something she had written in e-mail and let her know how it made me feel.  But then the next day I apologized, fearing that I had hurt her feelings by what I said.

Last time you got into a fight:

I don't get into fights. 

Last time you lied:

Well, I'd have to admit that it was a lie, then, wouldn't I?   Nice try.

Last time you felt inspired:

Having gotten involved with video blogging this year, I have found many other vloggers whose work inspires me.  I find something new to creatively inspire me every day, it seems!

Last person you emailed:

My friend Lynn, the midwife in Texas.  Lynn and I worked together for many years and there are times when I really miss having her around.  We hope to get together in March.

Last movie you saw:

Since I see movies on TV all the time, I'm going to assume this means in a theatre.  We haven't been to a movie in a theatre in a very long time--missed our usual "family movie night" when Jeri was here, since we did home movies instead.  (We've only seen six movies in the theatre this year, so we aren't even averaging one a month!)  So the last movie I saw in a theatre was Curse of the Were-Rabbit, in October.

Last wish:

I'm still wishing it, so I don't want to jinx it by saying it.

Last words:

I'm going to assume this means any last words that I have to say at the end of this list of questions, or perhaps any last words as the year ends.  2005 was one of those years that seemed to make no major impact, either positive or negative.   It just "was."  However, it feels as if we are all, in this family, poised on the edge of some big changes, so I expect 2006 to be a bit more eventful.   I only hope that all "events" are positive ones.



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