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27 December 2005

Jeri is more comfortable balanced precariously at the top of a tall ladder, hanging lights than she is preparing dinner for guests. 

She has that very logical approach to  things, which I lack.   She's the sort of person who examines everything first, plugs later.  She reads instructions.  She gets things to work.

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So when Jeri realized that I was so frustrated with the inability to make my microphone work, she decided she'd take a crack at it.

First, though, Walt set up my Christmas present, which is a fantastic new flat screen monitor.

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Then Jeri took flashlight in hand and tackled the back of my computer.  What she discovered is that at some time in the waaaay distant past, I had plugged a microphone into one of what apparently are two separate microphone jacks.  Perhaps it was a dog, in the pre-SPCA dog days, who chewed the cord that connected the microphone, but I had a chewed cord hanging from the mic outlet. 

Amazingly, when she removed that cord and plugged in the new microphone--voilą!--I suddenly had a working microphone.  Go figure. 

It helps to have geek kids!

It was an extremely low key day-after-Christmas.  My mother had spent the night, so we had a leisurely morning, visiting with Jeri (who had gotten in at 4 a.m., but who got up to say goodbye to Grandma).

After my mother left and we got the monitor up and the mic fixed, Jeri went for a walk and I sat down to relax.  I had gone to sleep around 12:30 a.m., but was wide awake at 4, perhaps hearing Jeri arrive, though I was not aware of that.   So once I got semi-prone, I passed out pretty quickly.  It was somehwere around 3 p.m.

I didn't wake until nearly 6.  (Think I was tired?)

When I finally got up, we talked about how we were going to spend the evening.  We thought about going out to dinner and to a movie, but all the movies started either too early or too late (we could have caught the 10:30 3-hour King Kong but decided against it!!!)

Instead we decided on a leisurely dinner.  Phil arrived and we went to the Katmandhu Kitchen in downtown davis, where we lingered over various lamb and/or curry dishes.  Phil and I talked about writing and it was a good discussion with someone who is as passionate about it as I am.

After dinner, we decided to take Jeri out to the Hoblit Theater, new home of the Davis Musical Theatre Company.  Jeri was treated like arriving royalty.  She has a long history with Steve and Jan Isaacson, the producers of the company, the heart and soul of the company.  Jeri was their very first stage manager, back before there was an official "Davis Musical Theatre Company."  They kind of all grew up together.

It was fun watching Jan, so excited to be showing the new building, especially to Jeri, someone she knew could really appreciate where they are now from where they were twenty years ago. 

Steve returned before Jan completed the tour and he took over filling Jeri and Phil both (Phil is a professional theatre technician) in on all the specs, the types of lights, the various things they had installed in the theatre, how the stage was constructed, what is still to come, etc.

I was just such a fun to watch all the interaction, and watching the excitement, showing off the new "baby" to Jeri. 

It was much better than a 3 hour King Kong!


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Phil contemplates his next move...

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