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25 December 2005

Well, it finally happened.   Jeri returned home (after getting a sweet deal from United...her flight was overbooked and they offered her a free ticket, an exit row seat, and a direct flight if she'd give up her seat.  Best deal she'd had in a long time.  She just had to sit around the airport for a few hours), and so we got together for our family movie night.

In previous years, family movie night has taken us to the current blockbuster.  This year it would probably have been Harry Potter or Narnia or Edward R. Morrow. 

Instead we had Diaper Man, Washing the Dog, and...yes, it's true, the rest of the pumpkin pie movie!

There may be a person or two (other than Char) who remembers that a few weeks back, I posted the infamous pumpkin pie movie, where two young mothers risked the life and limb of their children in order to make fools of themselves by tossing pumpkin pies at each other.

That movie has been lost for literally decades, and Char has trembled at the thought of my finding it again.   However, she seems to have survived not only my finding it, but my sharing it with the world at large (where it went mostly unnoticed, except by people who know us).

However the reason that movie had been lost was that at one point I showed the other part of the movie, taken on the third year, to one of our kids' classes and I promised Char faithfully that I would not include the part that featured us.  True to my word, I did not.   And promptly lost the film.

But now that the lost portion had been found, I was really eager to see the third part of the movie--the kids.

To recap:  After a particularly long, ridiculous October pumpkin pie baking session, Char and I got a little silly.  On year #1, Char let me toss a pie in her face; in year #2, she tossed a pie in mine.  In year #3, the kids demanded their turn.  And so we baked 10 little pies and marched the kids out to the front lawn and let them have a free for all.  It starts rather anticlimactically and then builds.  I don't know if it's as funny to anybody who wasn't there at the time as it is to us, but it still plays funny to me when I watch it, and we enjoyed reliving it at Ned's house.

But we also discovered the marvelous "dog washing" movie, wherein Walt attempts to give our then-dog, Ho Chi Mutt (what can I say?  It was the Viet Nam era) a bath--and Mutt was having none of it.

There is also a wonderful impromptu ballet performance by Jeri, which demonstrates quite effectively why she is a musician and not a dancer today.

And there is the cutest movie ever--"Jimminy Grasshopper."

So I videotaped several of these movies, which I will post over the next few weeks.  But I had to start with the Pumpkin Pie movie--it's my Christmas gift to Char.

Someday I'll figure out how to make a video out of old VHS tapes and can regale the world with the likes of "Star Warts, the Remake of the Jedi," "The McKinley Plant Disaster," and a host of other creations that my children have contributed to the art world.

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Yesterday I wrote that I was hoping for "A Miracle on Villanova Dr." and that someone would come riding up just begging for a dog like Latte.  In the morning I actually received an email from Ashley saying she has what looks like it might be the "perfect home" for Latte and would I be home on Monday.

Yes, yes, YES!!!, I responded.  So hold the good thought.  She may yet start the new year with her permanent family.

The lock Walt put on the cage seemed to hold.  At least she was still inside when we returned home from Ned's last night, though she had pulled several SPCA towels used to pad the wall from the cage into the cage and eaten holes in them.   But no great loss.  And there was nothing awry in the house, thank goodness.

As I write this, it is the morning of Christmas Eve and the dogs are, as always, curled up under my feet.  I will be off in a couple of hours to work at the city's annual Community Meals and then to Marta's family for a kazoo concert Christmas burrito dinner, following which we'll wait for Santa to slip down the chimney and hope that Latte won't attack him.

Christmas has gotten entirely too commercial.  I don't mind tipping people for good service throughout the year, but the "greeting" we got from our paperboy today seems just a bit too crass for my tastes:

Season's Greetings
Your Chronicle Delivery Specialist
Michael and Matthew College Fund

All I want to give my customers for Christmas is a guilt trip, I guess!!!!!


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This is how I work all the time--
one dog leaning against me on the left, the other under my right leg
(and Kimba is off to the left, just out of sight)


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