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20 December 2005

Well, for someone who professes to be a hermit, I had a busy Saturday.

wedding.jpg (5891 bytes)In the morning we went to the wedding of two people I'd never heard of before. 

Dan works with Walt and he met his fiancee in Taiwan.  Their wedding took place at the Chinese church here in Davis and was really quite nice, and a bit different, since the ceremony was conducted in both English and Chinese (don't know if it was Mandarin or Cantonese)  The bride was lovely and the groom looked like the cat that swallowed the canary all the way through.  He just beamed, which was very cute.

The reception following was held in the church hall, which is a long, narrow, L-shaped room and to make sure that nobody missed anything, they added a screen and a video camera, so that those of us who were sitting in "steerage" got to see all the toasts and cake cutting (unfortunately the sound wasn't good, so we missed the actual toasts, but we could watch the activity). 

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(The food was also delicious--and a huge amount:  chow mein, boiled rice, fried shrimp, duck, beef, potstickers, several different kinds of veggies, all mounded up on the plate.)

cowboy.jpg (7527 bytes)The groom's nieces and nephew provided the music for the ceremony and for the reception--since they all had the same last name, I assume they are all siblings.  We were sitting right by the stage at the reception, so practically in the laps of the musicians.  They played some Christmas music and then some western-themed music, for which they donned cowboy hats.  This little kid was just too cute.

In between the wedding and the reception, Walt went home to take Latte to Petco.  We both had high hopes for our little girl finding her own family.   He made arrangements with someone to leave a key for whoever would be bringing her back if she didn't get adopted, because we were leaving for an office party at 5 p.m.

Around 5, he was upstairs getting dressed, I was downstairs brushing my hair in the bathroom, with the door closed.  When we looked up Latte had materialized.  Nobody knocked, Sheila didn't bark, there was no other human there, just Latte, delighted to be home (or what she considers home).  We got her fed and caged and then we were off again.

Two parties in one day.  Me.  Imagine.

Some of the people who had attended the wedding also attended the party, so it was like spending the whole day with people in Walt's office.  The dinner was a low-key affair, but pleasant, and it ended with playing the White Elephant game, which I first learned about years and years ago at one of the office parties, only at the time it was called a Cajun gift exchange or something like that.

The rain held off until we had returned home, which was nice, but it started raining almost as soon as we were in the house and from the weather report, it was clear that it would probably storm all night.

I was wide awake at 5 a.m., but didn't want to get up right then, so I grabbed the remote and turned on a movie I'd recorded the night before, but hadn't seen.

I got partway into it when there was a huge flash and a boom and the power went off.   It flickered back and forth a bit, flashing and booming each time, and then went out for good, for about an hour and a half.

Naturally, I did the only logical thing...I made a video by candlelight while waiting for the power to come back on.

Now this is where you come in.  I've posted that video on my blog (called "Must. Have. Coffee.") in a different format, one which supposedly plays the movie on the page without having to go to a new site (you do have to click it to play, though).  I want to find out (a) if this plays for everyone, and (b) if causes any problems on the page for anybody, like does it make the page load more slowly or something like that (if so, I'll go back to posting videos the old way).  I would very much appreciate your feedback on that.

It was a gloomy, rainy day all day and I didn't get out of my puppy PJs at all.  Kind of nice to just kind of be a sloth.  (Anybody who asks why this day is different from any other day gets bopped.)


Woodland, CA


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