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6 December 2005

I actually planned to write a much different journal entry about our lovely afternoon and evening in Old Sacramento--and this entry will end with that.  But all of my feelings of bonhommie disappeared when we walked into the kitchen and found this:

hurricaneLatte.jpg (49553 bytes)
The inset shows the dishes.

At least one, and possibly two broken plates, garbage everywhere and Latte was happily chewing on the lid to my Salmon Oil capsules.  I don't know if she got any of the gel caps--and I doubt that they would hurt her if she did, but I mailed off all the information to Ashley anyway.

salmon.jpg (31975 bytes)

The dogs were very proud of themselves, sitting there happily waiting for their treat...which they did not get.  They've had all the treats they're getting from me  today.

My  problem is that I keep forgetting Latte is not Sheila.  Sheila has never tried to get to anything on the kitchen counter or on the kitchen table.  Latte sees it as a doggie buffet whenever I'm not around.

I'm very good at locking her in her crate at night, but I don't lock her up when I leave the house and from now on I definitely will.  This is the second time we've come home to this sort of a mess and if I can force myself to keep her crated while we're gone, it will be the last.

Here I was feeling all warm and fuzzy and happy when she came home last night, unadopted.  Today I feel quite a bit different.

However, BEFORE that, it had been a lovely day.  I was reviewing Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol, by The Capital State theatre company, at the theatre on the Delta King, a paddlewheel boat on the Sacramento River.  The  riverboat was all decked out for Christmas and looked so pretty

DeltaKing.jpg (54472 bytes)

I'd never reviewed something at the Delta King theatre before, but arranged to review this show because the guy who plays Jacob Marley is a Davis resident, so there is that local tie-in.  It was a delightful little theatre and the play...well, suffice to say it just about took my breath away.  Such an outstanding production, an interesting concept, and a fabulous execution.

The script grew out of a 10 year old girl seeing a production of Charles' Dickens version, starring playwright Tom Mula as Scrooge,  and commenting that Marley got short shrift.  He's condemned to spend the rest of eternity wearing chains while Scrooge apparently gets an out of jail free card.

Mula took that idea and ran with it and created a play which shows all the happenings from Marley's point of view and it's absolutely fantastic.  A tour de force for the four performers in this tiny ~125 seat theatre.  I'm eager to write the review.

J Marley.jpg (33494 bytes)
Harry Harris, Jamie Jones and Lucinda Hitchcock Cone
(missing:  Miles Miniaci as Scrooge)

The show finished around 4 p.m. and we decided to see if we could get seated at nearby Joe's Crab Shack.   Joe's notoriously has huge crowds and a 2 hour wait for a table is not uncommon.  I had attempted to plan ahead and make a reservation yesterday, but they said they didn't take reservations on Sunday.   Apparently the reason why they don't take reservations on Sunday is because they are not needed, but nobody explained that.

We showed up at Joe's and were seated immediately.  It's a cavernous place, hung with all sorts of gee-gaws and peopled with teeny bopper waitpersons with variegated hair and bare midriffs, who sing and dance.  People who show up for birthdays are treated not only to the birthday song, but must dance around the restaurant while the other diners applaud.  Not the sort of place I would seek out ordinarly...except they serve crab.  

On this day, there had been a wedding at Joe's.  On our way to the Delta King we had passed the bride and her attendant, with their gowns in bags, headed for the restaurant.  When we got there, the reception was in full swing.  I desperately wanted to get a photo of the bride in her long white dress and tiara, wearing a big plastic bib, but didn't get the camera out in time.  The best I got was this:

crab.jpg (53504 bytes)

We had a delicious dinner, of half a steamed dungeness crab and shrimp, then back to the car, and heading home into the sunset.

We were home in time for 60 Minutes, even factoring in the time it took to clean up the mess left by Hurricane Latte.




Woodland, CA

Tower Bridge, Sacramento


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